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PopXport Special – Tokio Hotel


Tokio Hotel is one of the most successful German bands of the new millennium. We’ll tell you about their new album, meet the band on tour, talk to them about their fans, and play videos of their biggest hits.

Tokio Hotel is back with a new album: “Dream Machine”

A few weeks ago, Tokio Hotel released their fifth album, called “Dream Machine.” We’ll talk to the Kaulitz twins, Bill and Tom, and the rest of the band, about how they deal with the pressures of success.

Backstage: on tour with Tokio Hotel


The inside story on how Tokio Hotel deals with stalkers

Tokio Hotel has sold more than seven million records worldwide. Their fans call themselves “aliens.” Some have followed the band since the first single in 2005. But how does the band deal with stalkers?



Milan, Italy

Guess The Song Challenge mit Tokio Hotel