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“Tokio Hotel was the prize winner of ‘best artist from the world’ at the Italian MTV Awards…..”

Watch THe video to see THeir response to THis tribute

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  The Biggest Fans

THe EMA excitement started wiTH announcing the winner of  ‘The Biggest Fans EMA’, presented by rapper and producer Dizzee Rascal, and immediately after THat, ist where THe excitement ended…. ’cause THat all THe TH THere was…. no need to see any more of THe show

We want to say a massive thank you to all our fans,”
the group commented on the win, despite not being able to make the event.

curtasy of Evule

To see THe Full set, click GIF ; )

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Ev.gerard Music Awards

The EVMA are a new digital award organized by Ev.gerard Music this award highlights the best music in the world with one important goal. Make known the best singers around the world. And in the future recognize and reward physically winners

Best International Group

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