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Georg, Gustav & Andy Send THeir B-Day wishes

JoJo as well

!!!! UND !!!!
BirTHday Surprise!
Tokio Hotel Announces World Tour

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Bill Surprises with Bright Pink Hair

Looong Looong two days Bill Kaulitz before unveiled to his fans his new hairstyle! No wonder he took time like never before with his new brave hair color. But sooo slow. 2 days ago the singer posted this evocative image

Then, the fans wanted to know how Bill looks after his visit to the hairdresser because they felt it was his whole hair cut. And … drumroll …. The wait was worth it

The Tokio Hotel frontman wears his hair now completely in bright pink! Quite atypical for Bill. Many fans are enthusiastic about Bill‘s new look; “WOOOW Bill, the color you is great!”, While others miss the fuzzy-head already and want the old Bill back; “Sorry, but Pink does not suit you”. One thing is certain in any case: Bill‘s head is definitely in noooo waaaaay boring!

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BILLY Announces Video

It’s been a while since BILLY, aka Bill Kaulitz, released his first video. It was a video for “Love Don’t Break Me”. It was the beginning of his solo project ‘BILLY’, in addition to the career he has with Tokio Hotel.

Now the singer is again working on a video for this solo project. Via Instagram Kaulitz posted two pictures in that he was doing dance exercises. He indicated that a few days he will be again on set. Further he reveals nothing about the title of the track.

Watch the video for “Love Do not Break Me”.


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(July-August 2016)

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