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at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum!!!
Berlin, Germany

Frontmen Tokio Hotel will be the new roommate at Madame Tussauds
with musicians such as Herbert Grönemeyer and Nina Hagen

Madame Tussaud, 2008 Madame Tussaud, 2008 Madame Tussaud, 2008

To see Bill’s Full set, click an image

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KK, so what does THis have to do wiTH Tokio Hotel you ask.  Well, THey actually (outta all THe figures THey could have refered to) mentioned Bill’s wax image.  I find THis sehr kuhl. <=)


 Michelle Obama is currently getting — ahem –  “waxed.” Like the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz, the First Lady’s busy having a wax likeness of herself created by the… wax technicians… at Madame Tussauds. 

Following THis story we see THat THere was a previous write up on Bill’s immortalizing.  Submitted by a user of the site not from The Insider editorial staff.  But still, THe American entertainment news site (also a TV show) did post THis small entry on our Bill. THis is a good THing.  More promotion fur THe band. 
Bill Kaulitz In Wax: Crazy-Hot Or Just Plain Crazy? 
Now that you’ve had time to let the shock of a wax Bill Kaulitz, erm, solidify, how do you feel about the Tokio Hotel frontman’s immortal enshrinement (woah, that sounds so twilight, by the way) at Madame Tussauds in Berlin?

While the nails and nose are perfection, I personally think it’s a leeeettle creepy, but not as creepy as the crotch-grabbing fan who’s all “LOOK MA!” Or mutter or whatever.

Anyway, your choices are:
A.) Ich liebe es! Total big cinema! Big reizvoll!
B.) WTH, dude? Where are Gustav and Georg and Tom?
C.) Just… nein.


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Dream Up France

(January 16, 2009)



Being rather reclusive the last little while, the 4 prodigies from Magdeburg are holed up in a studio to finish their third album. This precious jewel is expected to come out next spring. Between two takes, Bill offers his insights on the situation.

DU: You have not been around, lately.
BILL: Yes, we were in studio to record our third album. It was a very intense and creative period but at the same time, it offered a much needed break for the band. We were able to come together, far away from our usual hectic life. In the studio, each one of us was alone with his thoughts and doubts. The moment that we’re away from the spotlight is essential for a band. We’ve returned to the things that really matter.

DU: In what kind of state of mind did you approach the new recording?
BILL: There are a lot of new influences that until now, have not been heard in the sound of Tokio Hotel. Even so, we’ve kept the same crew. Our new album will probably surprise a lot of people and I hope the fans will love it.

DU: How did you work?
BILL: The lyrics and music is the result of our lives since the success of the band. They handle about our mood, new thoughts and reflexions, and also new wishes and hopes. I’ve started writing some new lyrics in the summer of 2007. Many lyrics were finished while we were on the road, doing tours and just travelling around. There’s one lyric that goes specifically about my home sickness during our tour in the States and goes about all the things I’ve missed. That’s why the album will be in German although there will be an English version also.

DU: How does a song gets created precisely?
BILL: In the beginning, it’s just loose thoughts and scattered ideas. Then, the music gets more defined, sometimes even without really realising it. The moment that the chorus is set, the song really starts to take shape. At that moment, it has to get recorded. A song is too fragile to let it slip away.

DU: Do you have many discussions (within the band) before you start recording?
BILL: Yes, the moment we’re ready to start recording, things become difficult. We have a song but there are many different ways to interpret the song. And we have to find the best interpretation. We, then start to experiment with each song by changing the guitar-sounds or modifying my voice. And yes, that can easily lead to huge discussions. And what worries me a bit is the fact that I’m a huge perfectionist, bordering on the obsessive. Luckily, my other three friends don’t have the same character (laughs).

DU: Do you feel pressured by your fans?
BILL: We try to escape the pressure by making sure we can travel peacefully. But the greatest pressure comes from ourselves. Of course, the reaction of the fans is very important also because we do not want to disappoint them. But we don’t want to let ourselves down either. We do listen to other advice but the final decision is always taken by us. It’s something between the four of us.

DU: Recently, the celebrity blogger Perez Hilton wrote that your concerts were playback shows.  What’s your comment on that?
BILL: It’s not the first time that I hear such bull about Tokio Hotel, or some other bands. We’re in the heat of things and our success elicits jealousy. And those kind of mediaflashes are part of the game. It’s a deceitful attack since the famous Perez Hilton has no proof to substantiate his accusations. Like our manager David Jost said, ‘The best way to form an opinion is to come to our shows and watch us play’, And we really, really rock!

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The Year in Performances

From giant fests to tiny clubs

 Bill Kaulitz pauses to check out the crowd during Tokio Hotel’s set at the Bamboozle festival.

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