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Oooow, Lookie!

(Idk about him being ‘cheap’ THough)


Und it seems you can get funature too!  A couch maybe? Oow Oow, I know… a Loveseat. ; )

A while back, one of THese silly adds showed up wiTH Tom’s name. 

Follow THis link to see:

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After a public vote, Twin newborn polar bear cubs
at the Dvůr Králové zoo in the Czech Rebuplic
were named after the Twins from the German band Tokio Hotel. 

Tom & Bill

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Bill’s seems to be sporting a new car…
Looks pretty snazzy

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Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz wax figure is unveiled at
Madame Tussauds ~ Berlin, Germany

Madame Tussauds, 2008 Madame Tussauds, 2008 Madame Tussauds, 2008

Posing with Bill’s wax figure at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds, 2008 Madame Tussauds, 2008 Madame Tussauds, 2008

To see THe Full set, click an image ; )

THere are more pictures from THis event,
as well as pictures taken by visitors since,
but I will not post ‘fans’ being disrespectful wiTH Bill’s image.

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