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Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz Announces Solo Project Called ‘BILLY’
The debut single from his new EP will arrive later this month

Bill Kaulitz plans to revamp his musical style this year, as the Tokio Hotel frontman has announced his new solo project. Going under the moniker BILLY, the German singer will be breaking out on his own with an upcoming EP titled I’m Not OK on May 20.

“Love Don’t Break Me,” the EP’s debut single, will arrive on April 29. According to a press release, it is “a minimalistic/electronic ballad that reflects a new sound and impressive growth in Billy’s musical palette.”

The EP will also come with a black and white short film directed by Shiro Gutzie and Davis Facto and a fine art photo book. Billy had this to say about his new venture:

I didn’t want to do a traditional music release for my first solo project. I wanted the freedom to explore the other areas in my life that I am passionate about like art and fashion and felt that a pure music project wouldn’t fulfill my vision as a solo artist. I wanted to go in the studio and experiment with new sounds and not be creatively held back. I created an environment for myself where I had no pressure and was able to just try new things without worrying about sales, promotion or marketing plans and just focus on creating.”


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Some are Having Linking Issues in THe English Directory for ‘Billy’s’ shows.
Links are correct in the German view!


Los Angeles



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Tokio Hotel speak out against racism in Germany,
Bill’s solo project officially announced

Although TH have been mostly quiet working on album #5, they recently broke their silence to tweet about the German right-wing/nationalist party Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany). For those not familiar, here’s a quick look at AfD’s policies. If my understanding of German politics is correct, Germany just had state elections and AdF has been gaining seats by leaning on anti-immigrant hate speech. Their party leader actually suggested shooting immigrants at the border. TH tend to stay in their corner when it comes to politics but I’m glad they spoke out about this.

Meanwhile, God of pop Bill Kaulitz has launched where you can pr=eorder the “first multimedia release” of his solo project: a photobook and a vinyl single for his “art piece” Love Don’t Break Me, which will include a short film. You can also get a glimpse of his solo alter ego, Billy, and enjoy such quotes as “If death is imminent, it is better to be killed by a lover.”

The song/video is still not out however, so if you want to get the full high-brow pop experience, you’ll have to wait a bit. Some more. The book comes out on April 29th so maybe we’ll actually hear the song by then.

Also…Gustav is having a kid:

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Who’s the most stylish man on the planet for you right now?

To me, Bill Kaulitz (a member of Tokio Hotel) is the most stylish man on the planet. I have been listening to him and Tokio Hotel since I was a kid. He has his own style and it fits him in whatever he does. Even if he sometimes doesn’t take my fancy, he is a really cool guy. I can’t think of any other names except for him. He doesn’t pretend to create his own style, and he always keeps to himself and style.


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