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Far East Movement Drop ‘Unexpected’ Track With Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz
‘If I Die Tomorrow,’ off FM’s May 22 release, Dirty Bass, is ‘a song about losing yourself.’

Ever wondered what it would sound like if the Far East Movement enlisted Tokio Hotel‘s glammy, gothy lead singer Bill Kaulitz for a track? Well, wonder no more, because now we have “If I Die Tomorrow.”

The collaboration, which dropped Friday (May 18), leans more on FM’s love for partying than Kaulitz‘s love for rocking. While FM rap all about bumping trunks, killing bottles and going crazy in the club, Kaulitz, in full auto-tuned, falsetto mode, proclaims, “If I die tomorrow, that means we had the night of our lives/ If tomorrow never comes, then tonight we lose control.”

“If I Die Tomorrow” is off FM’s new album, Dirty Bass, out May 22. When MTV News caught up with Far East Movement recently, Kev Nish told us that fans will see plenty of “unexpected collaborations” like this on the upcoming album.

“When we first signed to Cherrytree [Records], we went on the website and see who’s on the roster … and we saw Tokio Hotel, and we were like ‘Yo, this band is wild,’ ” Nish said of working with the Musical March Madness winner and Tokio Hotel‘s leading man. “We were on a bus watching them on the MTV Europe Awards, winning, and we were like, ‘We need to do a song with those dudes.’

“So we got in with Bill Kaulitz and we just wanted to do a song about losing yourself, about possibly losing your mind, because you might die the next day,” he added.

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Music Video For ‘If I Die Tomorrow’ – CONFIRMED

~ please do keep in mind, THis does NOT confirm wheTHer Bill will or will not be IN THe Musik Video. It ist just being discussed.  Best hopes are THat Bill will be available for THe video THough :D

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Letter to Canadian Fans

Wow, MuchMusic.com received this *very* special message from Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel just now, explaining the recent events that caused the postponed tour dates! Read on for an update from Bill!

Hi, it’s Bill from Tokio Hotel!

Just wanted to say “Hi” to all our Canadian fans – everything is a little chaotic these days since I had to have surgery on Sunday to get my vocal chords back in shape. Luckily, everything has gone well so far…what a relief! I am not allowed to talk for the next ten days and after that I have to start training my voice again.

It’s definitely a tough time but I am getting so much support from all you fans out there, also the other three band members are coming by on a regular basis to check on me. Tom is especially there for me…practically 24/7.

I just wanted to let you know that I am really sorry that we had to postpone our Canadian concert dates but I can promise you that we are trying to catch up on them as soon as possible. Stay tuned and I hope to see you all soon!!! Oh yeah, thanks to everyone who got our brand new album Scream that was released last Tuesday in Canada – it’s amazing to have the best fans EVER! Keep on rocking and take care!

- Bill

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The twins are getting older, which means,
that the scandals, that they are sometimes involved in,
are getting bigger too.

Not that long ago, a few girls declared that Bill spends the nights in different online chatrooms, using his big name and fame to get the girls to send him naked pictures. But we know that Bill would never dare to take advantage of the love of  his fans, with such low behaviour.

The police did an investigation and caught an 18-year-old Frenchman, who, for few weeks was posing on the internet as Bill Kaulitz and making the girls believe that he really is the “real” Bill.  During the contact with the girls, the false-Bill was very friendly and caring, so it took awhile to find out about the fraud. But the Frenchman took too much advantage of  Bill’s  fans, and this brought about hard consequences.  At first the girls were nervous to send the poser their naked pictures. They were suspicious, but still sent the photos. Finally, the law enforcements were able to trace the guy and found him in a small town in France. With him, they found many photographs of naked girls in erotic positions. The police were in shock, when they found out that some of the girls were only 11-years-old.  Now the dude will have to pay a large fine.

When we contacted Bill  for a comment about the event, he assured us and all of his fans,
that neither he nor anyone else from the group
ever were and never will be at these online chatrooms.  
They just don’t have the time.

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Help PETA Pick the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity!

Hasn’t it seemed like all year long, one celebrity after another has gone vegetarian or vegan? It’s not just your imagination: As knowledge spreads about cruelty to animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses as well as how eating meat wreaks havoc on the environment and our health, more and more people—celebs included—are jumping on the veggie wagon. With so many stars realizing that humane eating and a hot body go hand in hand, the list of nominees for PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity contest is bigger than ever—and we need your help!

We could never choose the sexiest from among all these stars who are kind to animals—and to the eyes—without a hand from you. So peruse our lineup of humane hotties below (you can take your time and ogle, we won’t blame you), and then cast your vote today to help us choose this year’s sexiest vegetarian celebrities. Don’t forget to fill out the short form at the bottom of the page and click “Submit” to make your vote count. Stay tuned: We’ll be announcing the winners soon!

You’ll have to select a Female Celeberty as well
for your VOTE to be accepted


Tom & Bill are listed separately
So, be sure to VOTE for THem EQUALLY
Take turns!
Bill, Tom, Bill, Tom, Bill, Tom, Bill, Tom….


Peta will announce the winners in just a few short weeks.


just look at THem….
THere are NO 2 Sexier Vegetarian Celebs out THere!!!!

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Bill Kaulitz: TV-Comeback mit Heidi Klum

Heidi about Bill: “He’s a huge rock star, a real world star!”

It was the super model’s idea to get Bill in front of the camera: “I just called him!” And tempted him with her beautiful girls…

He rehearsed with the models how to jump off a stage like a rock star and “to bathe in their fans”, meaning the so-called “stage diving”.
It was loads of fun for Kaulitz: “Of course I had great hopes for this day with 14 beautiful girls… One is quite happy to take a break for something like this!”

A time-out of the time-out?
Bill explains: “I am in Los Angeles, because we are producing a new album.”

As for Bill’s new look
Why? Bill: “I can’t bear it for a long time, without changing my hair color. Last week I was still blond, now grey I. I have to consistantly make it another

full article

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He had scared his fans, for weeks he couldn’t speak.
But Now it’s back, the voice of the successful band Tokio Hotel.
In the exclusive interview with BILD
singer Bill tells us what he went through.

Bill: It was just like this with me. Nothing worked. And they said, “alright, if we don’t remove this it’ll keep coming back and then it won’t be possible to go on singing”, and that was a real shock-news after that week… all the going back and forth. After the better news in the middle and all the setbacks. That was the point where one knew, allright now one is out of order for at least four weeks.

The scariest thing was… because of the surgery, general anesthesia and stuff, that brings you down quite a lot. And beforehand I had watched a horror movie. And there, there was a man… I don’t even remember the name of it… anyways there was such a man and he was under general anesthesia but he still noticed everything, but he couldn’t tell. That means he really was lieing there and the doctors thought everything was fine – he had to undergo a surgery on his heart – and they cut him open and he notices everything and actually wants to tell them, but he can’t because he can’t move…
And I watched such things of course beforehand, and thought to myself, ok the most important thing is that I fall asleep and don’t notice anything of it. That was really the most important thing for me.

For 4 weeks he was out of order. The musician wasn’t even allowed to listen to his own music. The 18-year-old spent alone in front of the TV, and wrote enthusiastically and additionally was worrying about his fans.

Bill: It is incredible what came from the fans, how they reacted. I was really thinking “Omg, hopefully no one will be mad at me because of this” and it really helped to see that somehow everybody is worried and that everybody is somehow there and all go this way with me and don’t leave me behind. That was anyhow really helpful during that time. There were really cute thing amongst it… one girl sent a cuff/tobey collar because she of course didn’t exactly know what was wrong with me. But in any case, there were also inhaling machines and much more… well it was incredible. I really have one side of the fridge full with things that I have(???) and then there are really boxes with doubles. So it is really incredible. Lots of stuff has arrived, and I think I couldn’t really see everything, but in any case the bigger part of it.

Uhm… I think I’m looking forward to seeing the stage, seeing the people, from the crew, to really see all those people again. And most of all the fans. Really to see that I can stand there again with a microphone in my hand, and something comes out. And I can really make the people, the audience happy. That was the worst for me that the tour had to be cancelled that all the disappointed fans had to go home, who really had already been waiting in front of the venue. And that had been looking forward to the concert for so long. And I can imagine really well how much that sucks, and yeah I was incredibly sorry for everything. I really am looking forward to standing there again and to being able to make all the people happy.

Already on Thursday Tokio Hotel are leaving for America. Here they want to present their new record “Scream”. What remains is to hope, that Bill doesn’t lose his voice again.

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