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“Stalkers Pushed Us Off the Road!”

Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz can understand why Britney Spears 2007 shaved herself bald after years in the spotlight. “Behind this is a freedom of will, one wants to make his own life not determined by other people,” said the 23 year-old in an interview with BUNTE. “And when you want to overnight cut yourself bald, one does it.”

A stalker had pushed them off from the road the with a car. “With our family members sitting in the car“, says Bill Kaulitz. “If these people come too close to your family, you act instinctively.”

Bill and Tom Kaulitz are soon to be seen as jurors in the RTL show “Germany sucht den superstar”.

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‘Werte schaffen Werte’

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Bill Kaulitz und Ulrich Wickert:
‘Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken’~ unites for advertising campaign

It has brought the two together

What connects teen star Bill Kaulitz (23) and legend Ulrich Wickert (70) to an intimate conversation about values?

A campaign of the local cooperative Raiffeisen banks shows interviews in the form of special short films. Ulrich Wickert chats with celebrities about values. The probably most unusual constellation is the conversation between Ulrich Wickert and “Tokio Hotel” singer Bill Kaulitz.

The very visually modified teen star discusses his desire for freedom, he writes to his close bond with twin brother Tom.

For me it was important very early to be free. I had always a rebel in me, who wants to have freedom with his appearance and his music“, says Bill Kaulitz.

It is a conversation with many contrasts: rivets leather jacket vests and Brown suit, piercings vs. deep wrinkles. And yet almost profound aspects in this conversation.

Starting in 2013, this short film series with ordinary citizens will continue.

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Freedom, Solidarity, Respect – campaign

In an interview with Ulrich Wickert talks with Bill Kaulitz from “Tokyo hotel” after two years of media even abstinence, about the price of freedom.

On December 10, 2012 the campaign starts, “Walters meets…”, for which the Agency Heimat, Berlin, Raiffeisen banks on behalf of the cooperative financial group. Volksbanken produced a series of commercials in an unusual format. Ulrich Wickert, who represented the values of the cooperatively organized banking group as a brand Ambassador in 2011, now meets Bill Kaulitz, Andrea Petkovic and Hannes Jaenicke.

This created authentic conversations about values that were filmed in locations without a dialog script to fit the biography of the respective protagonists: Bill Kaulitz in the Master’s Hall of the Berlin Hansa Studios, Hannes Jaenicke on an old farm in Brandenburg and in the Offenbach Tennis Club, where he began the career of Andrea Petkovic.

The selection of the three interviewed was mainly along content criteria, but by selecting the correspondent younger people chould be included in the debate on values.

The campaign: “Wickert meets …” launches online on Monday, December 10, 2012, the TV and the print-flights start in high-reach environments then from Monday, December 17. The three conversations with Bill Kaulitz, Andrea Petkovic and Hannes Jaenicke are regarded as a roughly ten-minute films on the campaign website: www.werte-schaffen-werte.de

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Willemstad ~ Curacao, Caribean


Bill and Tom just recorded a exclusive message
for the brand new Universal Japan mobile MAGapp
and reveal their current favorite songs :)


New Video MSG from Tom und Bill available
December 2nd
THrough Universal Music Japan’s app.

Downloadable HERE

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What can we expect on DSDS 2013?
Here we have collected the first information about the tenth season of
“Germany sucht den superstar”

On Saturday, the 5th January 2013 at 8.15 PM’s will begin at last again with DSDS: And the new season will be a very special season for DSDS celebrates its tenth anniversary. And that means: In the anniversary year is “Germany sucht den superstar” round to renewed at the start. In addition to Dieter Bohlen, Bill and Tom Kaulitz  from Tokio Hotel will sit in the jury, as well as founder and lead singer of Culcha.

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DSDS in the Caribbean

Become adult they are the Tokio Hotel  brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz. During the filming of Germany’s Sucht den Superstar were the stars on the set. While Dieter Bohlen and itchy of Culcha hardly were noticed candela of the fans attending to from Poland, the Kaulitz brothers gave countless autographs. Even after turning to two hours in the morning, they were photographed with their fans. Bill: “it feels great, to be back in Germany“. The work in the DSDS jury make great fun.

For three days, was the American Idol team in the contemplative Bad Driburg guest and ensured at the residents enthusiasm. In addition to the approximately 100 Extras RTL booked were they the stars close on the red carpet in front of the hotel “Gräflicher Park” experience and take part in the filming as “Fans”. Self-made fan posters the RTL team has practical ways already brought.

As Dieter Bohlen departed immediately after the end of the rotation, itchy from Culcha enjoyed candela together with his colleagues Chino arrived as”moral support” on Sunday still a match on the hotel golf course. And the Tokio Hotel brothers? They spent the bright sunny day behind early with interviews, photo shoots and meetings. Hopefully they will find opportunity for sunbathing, filming will continue in the Caribbean in November. From January 2013 the new season of American Idol should be then seen on TV – fans have the opportunity to be live at the final Entscheidungsshows in Cologne, Germany from March.

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