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Currently is the fashion metropolis Berlin is dedicated to Fashion Week, and in the famous tent at the Brandenburg Gate since last Monday are designer’s latest creations for the autumn and winter 2016.

So also the fashion label Lala Berlin was invited, on Tuesday evening at an exclusive event. Among the guests were, inter alia, “Tokio Hotel” star Bill Kaulitz who showcased his extravagant outfit.

The 26-year-old appeared in an elegant ensemble, consisting of a dotted bow blouse, a black flared trousers and a classic white blazer. A look that would actually rather determined for a lady to the singer, however, due to his size and the slim figure at least as stylish and advantageously affected. Eye of the outfit is undoubtedly the luxurious blazer in a traditional style, decorated with a black satin collar.

At the failed combination of the bird of paradise chose color-coordinated patent leather shoes and gave his look with cool rings a rocking note. Although Bill presented itself always fashionable to experiment and failed, he met it with his latest look at literally to the point. We are excited and elect its combination to outfit of the day!

Incidentally told Bill that he already had Bock in fashion to his own collection and already have something in the pipeline. He was only waiting for the right moment … Mensvh Bill, what are you waiting, let me know! (HA) PROMOTION

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Bill & Tom Kaulitz Prove Style at Fashion Week!

Berlin is currently back in fashion focus, because the infamous Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin is in full swing. In addition to numerous designer shows and a rich array of stars on the red carpet there are also the perfect night after-show program for Fashion Week – And in the middle yesterday were the Kaulitz Twins.

While Bill set on a shirt in Leo-Look and a stylish jacket, his twin brother decided for a cool bomber jacket and an XXL shirt. With this look, the members of the band Tokio Hotel were of course immediately proved once again to photographers and their special flair for styling.

Bill was already a day sniff first Fashion Week-air when he visited the show of Leila Berlin. Here, the Karl Lagerfeld-Lookalike surprised with a striking feminine look: He was wearing a transparent blouse dotted to a wide Marlene trousers and lace boots made of lacquer.

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Hotel Adlon, Kempinski Berlin

It was supposed to be a quiet showing with photos of Prof. Jochen Blume (90). But then: a surprising appearance by Bill Kaulitz (26) and band mate Georg Listing (28). The Adlon was for Tokio Hotel!

Adult women were nervous when Bill walked into the main floor of the luxury hotel. “We are just in Berlin to work on our new album,” Bill told the ሀ.
Bill: “My dream is to go to Berghain times.” But until now he depends mostly from the Soho House.

And what does he do at the Adlon?
Bill: “Our good friend Patricia Crone Meyer organized the exhibition here. It’s obvious that we stop by!

Patricia Crone Meyer, is not only a good friend of the band. The lawyer also gives the musicians legal advice.

Everyone agreed: Photographs by Prof. Jochen Blume are world class! The guys from Tokio Hotel he has not had before the lens, but stars like Sophia Loren or Romy Schneider and Alain Delon.

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mit Prof. Jochen Blume

mit BZ-Online Editor Sylvia Jost

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Happy Birthday Pumba!

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