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Tokio Hotel: Dream Machine

Everything starts with a thought and suddenly you are dancing through your own wonderland full of fruits and sweets! Friendship, respect, an almost unshakable self-awareness in one’s self, the vision of being, the curiosity of life, an insatiable thirst for development, to create something together, to achieve and to experience …

If you look at Tokio Hotel, it is all these qualities that form the basis and the impetus of an incomparable career. The career of a German band, which simply does not fit into any drawer. And so also the one or the other tried hard, Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer always remained the architects of their world. After more than a decade in the international music business, 70 platinum, 160 gold awards, more than 110 international and national prizes, and over 7 million sold phonograms, Tokio Hotel will release their new art project and fifth studio album “Dream Machine” on March 3, The proof that they are always able to reinvent themselves.

“Dream Machine” opens the door to the new sound world of Tokio Hotel. A world with high mountains, deep valleys, wild rivers, dense forests and endless expanses. A world that pulsates, glows in neon colors and club lights – light, playful, spherical and enthralling. Built on a sound foundation, a symbiosis of alternative indie pop, analogous Retro-synths, modern beats and strong Baselines, without rules. “This is the album that we always wanted to make – just us four, without anyone chatting us. We started with the last record. Since we have tried and fueled self-consciousness. At “Dream Machine” we knew right from the beginning that we were doing it alone. We did not need any producer in between or any songwriters. We did not feel like we needed this back-up. We felt able to have full control, creativity, the songs and what we wanted to make and say – in sound, in production, and also with our lyrics. That is why it is not only our dream album, because no one is talking to us anymore, but also because, as a band, we were finally able to realize ourselves honestly musically, “explains Bill.


From the teenage swarm to fashion boy: Bill Kaulitz was a guest at the Maybelline Show on Monday evening in Berlin

What does Bill Kaulitz actually do at Fashion Week Berlin?

As if he had guessed that the Red Carpet at the Maybelline show in Berlin would not be red but pink, Bill Kaulitz (27) appeared in a pink coat. And because Fashion Week it is, the “Tokio Hotel” singer laid still extra tons of pearls à la Coco Chanel († 87) around his dainty neck. Pretty fashionable – but also stylish? makes the check and explains why Bill Kaulitz is now one of the most important Fashion Week guests.

Time and again Radio silence was around the success band Tokio Hotel. Over twelve years ago, singer Bill Kaulitz and his boys with “Through the Monsum” conquered the hearts of countless teenagers around the world. But now there is a fulminant comeback – at least for the ex-frontman Bill. The girl swarm from Magdeburg was one of the prominent guests of the “Maybelline Xhibition” show at the Berlin Fashion Week.

Bill, the new fashion superstar?

Just a few seconds after his arrival, it was clear: Bill is THE superstar of the show. The flash of lightning lasted longer than with all the other star guests (including Cathy Hummels, Franziska Knuppe and Ann-Kathrin Brömmel) as well as the open mouths of the bloggers in the front row showed quite clearly: Here are the amorous teenagers from then and their skies Emo-boy again.

And his short Fashion Week game did not stop there: on the evening of the evening, Tokio-Bill was spotted at the Malaik Raiss show in Front Row. Later that evening Kaulitz took part in an exclusive Fashion Week dinner at the Nobelrestaurant Borchardt.

Bill Kaulitz in the latest autumn / winter mode 2017 at the show of Malaika Raiss on Tuesday evening

The wonderful transformation of Bill Kaulitz

How is it that Bill is now a frequent guest of Fashion Week Berlin? Certainly, it’s on the one hand his style transformation. Instead of an Emo-Boy with black Struwelpeterhaaren, the singer has been enthusiastic about fashionable looks since his move to Los Angeles in 2009: whether with “Maybelline” in Madonna imitation look with exhilarated hair, lots of pearl jewellery and a septum ring in the nose or in minimalism -Military-style as with Malaika Raiss – Bill always carries the latest trends from the catwalk. Even his size-zero figure is not a drawback, so he fits perfectly into the tight-cut fumble – even in those of Womenswear designers!

And one factor makes him so desirable for the Front Row: Bill is very close to “Lala Berlin” founder Leyla Piedayesh (46) – and Leyla is one of the most fashionable designers in the German fashion industry. Even with design legend Wolfgang Joop (72), Bill connects a close friendship. Certainly not so uncomfortable, which concerns a career in the fashion sector. So we would not be surprised if we see Bill even soon at the International Fashion Weeks …

And who wonders what Bill Kaulitz actually looked like twelve years ago: Here is a small summary of his wild fashion years:

So it all started. In 2005, Bill Kaulitz and Tokio Hotel were honored with “Comet 2005” by “Viva” as the “best newcomer”

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Mateo & Bill, Pink Carpet

Tokio Hotel: Bill und Tom Kaulitz in Berlinp>

From today the fashion designers and designers will present their latest creations at the Fashion Week in Berlin. At the start, the popular makeup label Maybelline organized its luxurious beauty party and invited the prominent guests to the former engine factory in Weißensee.

Highlight of the evening was no doubt singer and model Bill Kaulitz. The 27-year-old presented with a stylish, pink-colored coat on the red carpet of the “Hot Trends Xhibition”. The fact that the Tokio Hotel star experiments with fashion, is no secret. Last year, Bill was already on the lookout for his outfits at Fashion Week.

Bill combined his cool trend piece with a simple black shirt and fashionable bright jeans in a used look. In addition to his already striking tattoos, he also made extravagant accents with unusual chains and bracelets. The outfit was completed with subtle, white sneakers.

But what would be Bill‘s styling without a new matching hairstyle, with which he takes all eyes on himself. At the beginning of his career he was known for his long black mane. Last year, Bill even put on hair in a powerful pink. Meanwhile, his hair has turned into short, light blond hair.

After vigorous posing for the photographers Kaulitz then finally shared the front row with the top models Rebecca Mir and Franziska Knuppe, with whose wardrobe selection he could keep up. Then we went on to a party of the Mannermode blog “Dandy Diary”, where he celebrated together with his brother Tom Kaulitz. (HA)

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