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The premiere of his new short film art project “Love Don’t Break Me” celebrates BILLY, famous Bill Kaulitz and the band Tokio Hotel, exclusively on Watch the video before everyone else HERE!

LDBM is a “multi-media hybrid” -Kunstprojekt, which includes not only the music, black and white short films, a 128-page photo book and large format, framed prints.

“Love Do not Break Me” will be released as the first song of the EP on 29 April and reflects a minimalist scale “electric ballad” the new sound of BILLY music that is part of his musical development.

The song is just one part of the “multi-media hybrid” art project, which also have impressive black and white short film by Shiro Gutzie and Davis Factor and a fine-art photo book with selected images from the film and other original photos of the directors contains. A series of large format art prints completed the versatile art project.

I did not want a conventional release for my first solo project,” said Billy, “I needed the freedom to live out all facets of my life as a passion for art and fashion and to combine. A pure music release would be my vision does not do justice as a solo artist. ”

In future, take more artistic initiatives and activities in the fashion industry, the project. “Fashion is like an extension of my music and I can not wait to immerse themselves fully in this world. I believe that music and fashion go hand in hand. This vision I want to bring to life, “says Billy.


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The #cover of my first solo EP ‘I’m not ok’

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Bill Kaulitz has released a trailer for his new solo project Billy!

The 26-year-old Tokio Hotel frontman will be releasing a new song called “Love Don’t Break Me” on April 29. The new song is part of an art project that includes a black and white short film, a 128-page fine art photo book, and large format framed art prints.

Billy will hold art photo exhibits and book launch events in Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, and Milan to promote the release.

“I didn’t want to do a traditional music release for my first solo project,” Billy said in a statement. “I wanted the freedom to explore the other areas in my life that I am passionate about like Art and Fashion and felt that a pure music project wouldn’t fulfill my vision as a solo artist”.

I wanted to go in the studio and experiment with new sounds and not be creatively held back,” he added about his new solo project. “I created an environment for myself where I had no pressure and was able to just try new things without worrying about sales, promotion or marketing plans and just focus on creating”.

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The Best Instagrams From Coachella
Weekend One: FRIDAY

It’s official: Coachella 2016 is underway! We’ve rounded up the best Instagrams from the first night of the festival, and they’re full of all the flower crows and crop tops anyone could ever ask for. And don’t forget the obligatory Ferris wheel shot. Here are the best Instas from the first Coachella Friday!

Bill Kaulitz

Singer/songwriter Bill Kaulitz shows off his Coachella fashion with this mirror-selfie shot.
We’re pretty into those printed leggings
– actually, can we steal those?

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