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How many judges sit on the jury of American Idol 2013?


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The German Idol live video chat On
Friday, the 15 March 2013 at 2 pm,

The two DSDS judges, of the anniversary season of ‘Germany sucht den superstar”
Bill and Tom Kaulitz here in the video chat.
You can ask your questions live chatting with them.



DSDS 2013: Live-Videochat mit Bill und Tom Kaulitz

Chats with the superstar judges, on Friday, the 15th of March at 2:00 pm.  In the tenth season of “Germany sucht den superstar”, Bill and Tom Kaulitz  from “Tokio Hotel” are part of the American Idol judges.  On Friday, the 15th of March, you have the opportunity from 2:00 pm, to live chat with the twins.  You can ask all questions that have always burned under your nails.  The two “Tokio Hotel”  Twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz  sit next to Dieter Bohlen and Mateo by “Culcha candela” in the jury of ‘Germany sucht den superstar”2013.

On March 15, they come to us in the Studio and you can chat with them live.  Whether the jury members, the American Idol candidate, or the live shows – you can rid your questions here.  You can register for free at RTL.de. Ask your question to Bill and Tom Kaulitz!  Finally you can learn what you have always wanted to know about the twins from “Tokio Hotel“.  Then, there are the highlights of the video chat video clips at RTL.de to see.  You can watch in RTLNOW.de the video chat in full length.

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Denis: “I had a wonderful time at German Idol”

As we have announced on the YAEZ Facebook page
that you are visiting us in the Newsroom,
many fans have asked questions to you.

How do you find the members of the jury Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel?

I find Tom sympathetic, he is of his own opinion, but not always open to new ideas. Bill is a real ray of sunshine as a jury member, with his positive reputation which is not so much trampling on the feelings of the candidates.

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German Idol:
Coolest jury for a long time

The new season of “Germany sucht den superstar” has been launched on Saturday and yesterday finally went into the second round. According to German Idol-style, there were oblique candidates, incredible talent and nasty sayings of Dieter Bohlen.

The negative highlight of the Wednesday episode was a song of “Black Sabbath” by metal rocker, Michael Deckert, who performed also together with a buddy, Herbert Grönemeyers ‘Man’. The song from Micheal, It was not impressive, but the casual reaction of Tom Kaulitz, Member of the jury. Instead of insulting the candidates, confirmed the entertainment value.

Bill visually loosens the format

Also Tom’s brother Bill stands out pleasantly from the jury besides pop-Titan Dieter Bohlen, and acts anything but boring. Mainly due to his flamboyant, stylish outfits he visibly loosens the format. But Mateo by “Culcha candela” his cheeky contribution. The musician has not fallen on the mouth and manifesteth his opinion very bluntly.

Overall, it can be said that the jury is very young, open and direct. Thus, it is not only interesting to watch the development of the candidates, but also those of the jury.

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German Idol 2013:
That was not shown in the first talent show

German Idol judge Dieter Bohlen teases Bill Kaulitz.  Hardly a German Idol candidate stands in front of the jury, and already, the German Idol judges tease – especially the ‘Germany sucht den superstar” complacent Dieter Bohlen and “Tokio Hotel” singer Bill Kaulitz.  The extraordinary style of dress by Bill Kaulitz supplies lots of potential to attack for the pop Titan.

The castings of “Germany sucht den superstar” are already in full swing and the first recall candidates are found. On Wednesday, the 9th January, at 8.15 P.m., the search continues for a new superstar.

The producer of the successful show, Dieter Bohlen simply does not let loose especially about Bill’s clothing style. The “Tokio Hotel” singer emerges at times in high heels and with barbed rings on the fingers on the set. “If I were your brother…”, says German Idol judge Dieter Bohlen with a laugh about Bill Kaulitz. Also on the hair, he has to use something. “This looks still like plastic”, finds the pop Titan and Pats him in over his head.  But don’t worry:  This is of course all just fun. Accordingly the German Idol judge Bill Kaulitz, he takes it with humor.


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