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The photos made by Bill and Tom Kaulitz for DAA and the book, hand signed by them and up for auction in Antwerp October 29 at auction house Campo & Campo! It can be seen there this week every day from 11 AM- 6 PM. What do you guys think?

Stage View, 2010 Plane To Male, 2010 Clouds, 2010

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(Oct, 2010)


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Singer Bill Kaulitz (21) from “Tokio Hotel” feels obviously comfortable next to the three wildly styled aliens and veteran-rocker Alice Cooper, at the bar of a dim space bar.

He is dressed all in leather, carries tower hair-style and silver chains, has a blue-colored drink before himself. And we ask ourselves: Who is the extraterrestial one here actually?

The photo is part of a new advertising campaign of the electrical specialized market chain “Saturn” for the market this coming Christmas.

Completely after the new campaign slogan “Now Rock Right!“ young Rocker Kaulitz visits the Rock legend Cooper in its space bar.

The meeting of the music generations: ironically, funny! Cooper and Kaulitz leave no rockstar cliche out in the ad.

“Tokio Hotel “- producer and manager David Jost to “The TV-spots and photos for this campaign were produced recently in a film studio in Los Angeles. The Aliens and the backdrop were developed and built specially for these spots.”

To end of the year the additionally singers recruit to the TV and radio spots on newspaper advertisements, posters and in the Internet. Exactly one year ago Saturn had presented Alice Cooper for the first time as their new advertising face.

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Season campaign of Saturn “rocks”: Rock legend Alice Cooper meets rock star Bill Kaulitz

Under the new campaign slogan “Now Rock Right!” Saturn will show for their Christmas advertising campaign,” Rock” in the truest sense of the word. Because now the rock legend Alice Cooper-Young receive support from the Rock Star Bill Kaulitz! The Tokio Hotel front man visited Alice Cooper in his space bar.

During this great meeting of musical generations, Kaulitz and Cooper deliver with a remarkably large amount of self-irony more than only entertaining TV and radio spots, in which it guarantees no rock star cliché will be untouched.

Till the end of the year the singers will promote in the large-scale campaign, in addition to the TV and radio commercials , also print ads, billboards, online and the point of sale for Saturn.

Exactly one year ago, the electronics-company Saturn presented Alice Cooper as a new face for the first time. As a bartender in his space-bar, he experiences with his alien regular guests , in form of three kinds of sympathetic aliens, funny stories. With the Rock Star Bill Kaulitz, lead singer of Germany’s internationally most successful rock band, the veteran of Rock has now a colleague of the younger generation by his side. The commercials play mercilessly with stereotypes about the two artists, where the two superstars show a real dose of self-irony, which definitely deserves recognition. In the end, each of these exciting episodes will be solved appropriately with “It’s all a question of technology!” And also Saturn promise again”dead-drunk-cheap” prices for Christmas.

The 21-year-old Bill Kaulitz became famous with his band Tokio Hotel in 2005 and since then they celebrated impressive international success. The group won an incredible 58 times platinum, 88 times gold and is with a total of 89 national and international awards truly a record.

Among other things, Tokio Hotel won three times the MTV European Music Awards (including Best Band and Best Headliner). Eleven times the coveted comets, Bambi, echoes and on top even the usually almost unattainable U.S. MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist U.S. At the MTV Latin Awards in South America, Tokio Hotel were even able to take four awards at once at home.

Bill’s counterpart in the Saturn campaign is the American rock musician Alice Cooper, who has already been running successfully for Saturn in late 2009. The 62-year-old was internationally known in the early seventies with the song “School’s Out” His other big hits include among other the song “Poison” from the year 1989.

For the development and implementation of the campaign season is again the agency Scholz & Friends in Berlin responsible. The production was made by Markenfilm Hamburg.

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