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Tokio Hotel’s Tom and Bill Kaulitz help a sick friend


Of late, the members of the German band, Tokio Hotel have been known for their generosity. On World AIDS day, they helped kick off an AIDS fundraiser in conjunction with Designers Against AIDS (DAA). Now, it seems that two of the members, Bill and Tom Kaulitz are at it again. This time they’re trying to help save the life of a friend in need.
A Friend in Need
The Kaulitz twins, Bill and Tom of Tokio Hotel have reached out this holiday season to help a friend. It seems one Frank Gebbers, husband of their former school teacher, Anne Fritsche needs a bone marrow donor, the Ruhr Nachrichten wrote in a report last week. Gebbers is the long time leader of the Volkshochschule (adult education center) in Bochum.
However, efforts to find a donor in his own family proved to be futile. Now there is a search for a donor outside the family. That’s where Bill and Tom Kaulitz come in.
Some of their education was via the Bochumer web-Individualschule. For the entirety of their education with the school, they had one teacher, Anne Fritsche. Although the Kaulitzes have graduated, they remained in contact with Bochum and still have a friendly relationship with their teacher today. When the twins found out about the trouble with Gebbers, they volunteered to help.
Donations Gladly Accepted…
On Wednesday the 16th, there will be a search for possible donor. From 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on the premises of BWI, possible donors can come and be tested via blood sample to determine if they are a match. Anyone who participates will receive as a thank you a card autographed by the school’s most famous graduates, Bill and Tom Kaulitz.
According to the report, the box with the autographs has already been sent.
Appropriate donors would be at least 18 years old and weight at least 121 pounds.
Because of the crowds that would be expected, the Kaulitzes will not be making an appearance.

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(Nov, 2009)

Bravo Portugal

Bravo #293

Bill Exposes Himself…. in his lyrics

We noticed after paying more attention while listening to the single “World Behind My Wall”, 
He is not living a very good moment…

In the song composed by himself, he says They’re telling me, It’s beautiful, I believe them but I will ever know The world behind my wall“. Suddenly ding ding ding, the bells ring and we noticed that the lead singer of Tokio Hotel wants to tell us something, even he doesn’t do it widely. Anyway, he seems arrested to his own life. More than that, the past few interviews, Bill shows he is not so happy with himself. “I don’t want people to see me like a role model, I have a lot of imperfections“, he recently confessed to BRAVO.

We ask ourselves, what he does want to tell us?
If you think you know what’s going on with him, we accept suggestions.
Write to us: revistabravo@portugalmail.pt
RE: “Bill. We are waiting for you!”
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“I wanted to throw it all away!

Bill: “I wanted to give up everything!” Bill had never been that thoughtful before! Only in BRAVO the Tokio Hotel-front man explains why he is so sad sometimes.

A record studio somewhere in Berlin-Schöneberg (GER). On the first floor stands Bill (20) with the 13 year old BRAVO reader Nora. She had won a small snchronisation role in “Arthur II” via BRAVO. The main character speaks Bill. The singer supports Nora right now, helps her with the recordings. Both are comfortbale to each other, Bill has a lot of fun, laughs all the time. But he shows a totally other side in the following BRAVO interview….

Bill, are you happy?

Bill: I’m totally happy with my career. Our new album “Humanoid” goes well. In most of the european countries it’s even better in the charts than the last two albums!I wish it’d be like that in private. I don’t know, what I need, to be satisfied – but I am unsatisfied.

Do you have a reason for this?

Bill: Maybe because I don’t have time, to be happy about what I’ve reached. I can not be happy or celebrate our success. Because I always have to do something new. And there’s still love missing. Sadly…

How could you find love?Could we help somehow?

Bill: I don’t know it eigther. (sighs) There are a lot of people who try to find their love in reality shows. “Bill in love” wouldn’t fit to me!To arrange feelings for a girl in front of a camera is not possible. That I get to know someone in private is improbable. I don’t even get out of the house to shop.

Why don’t you simply escape out of your world and go out without securiety?

Bill: To be honest I don’t want to try that out, I’m also scared of doing it. Especially in europe it is hard for me to visit a club on my own. Even if bodyguards are with me I feel like being in a photo or signing session. Then I feel like an animal in a zoo. But that comes with being a celebrity. Maybe I get to know someone via my job – who knows? If love comes truely it happens by accident.

Are you satisfied with yourself then?

Bill: Sometimes I absolutely can not stand myself. Performance of myself, I don’t watch them – on TV I hate myself! It also annoys me I always think about something! That I’m so nervous all the time and not relaxed.I always check if the door is locked twice. I almost check it ten times to be sure I hadn’t forgot it. I guess I need to become more relaxed. That’s it.

Are you afraid of the future?

Bill: Yes. Who knows what I’m doing in 5 or 10 years? My horror vision would be an office job! That’s nothing for me. At school I had authority problems, too. I can not listen to someone else but me. I hope, I can always be my own boss.

Do you freak out sometimes – or are you always the “nice” guy?

Bill: I’m absolutely full of emotions, I often screamed at the others or team members, when something went wrong or didn’t fit to me.

How do we have to imagine a “Tokio Hotel”-argument?

Bill: We’ve bet each other in the past. Nowadays it’s more psychological pressure.

Seriously? How do we imagine that?

Bill: We don’t talk to each other anymore. Or we cancel some dates because we know it: If I’m totally excited about the next photo-shooting and Tom’s angry about me then he cancels the shooting secretly. But everything is fine the following day.

Did anyone say in an argument:”That’s enough! I leave.”?

Bill: No one said this loudly yet, but the thought of it surely had everyone. There also were moments I thought: “I don’t do this anymore, I give up everything!”..and this thinking is still in my mind: “That I think, I just want to have time for me.”

Could you explain some situations when you think like that?

Bill: When I don’t know how to go on or if I don’t have ideas anymore. Then there are days I only want to take my stuff – not to have anything to do with that band. But in the end I think of all the fans again, of the engery and fun they give us, the fun being front man of Tokio Hotel.

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Germany’s biggest band, Tokio Hotel has aspirations for the road next year. With tour dates scheduled all over Europe and possible plans to visit the U.S. as well, the band is riding high on its success. But according to recent interviews with the band’s Kaulitz twins, there’s something that most fans don’t know. The Kaulitz twins are hard of hearing.
During a recent interview with the Bild Zeitung (posted on 11.30.09 online), the famous twins from Tokio Hotel, Tom and Bill Kaulitz revealed that they are hard of hearing and have been since birth. According to the report, the constant screaming of fans had nothing to do with the boys’ affliction.
Tom Kaulitz was quick to point out that the fans carry no guilt in the matter. He said he and his brother have always been hard of hearing and gave that as the reason that the two of them speak so loudly during interviews.
Tokio Hotel front man, Bill Kaulitz and brother to Tom went on to say that it is the loud music and not the fans that is at fault for their hearing deficit. If anything, Bill said during the Bild interview that.
This is the best there is, by the way. We find it fabulous, that our fans scream out their emotions!”
International Tour
Fans in Germany and abroad won’t have to wait long to exercise their screaming muscles. The band goes on tour again starting in February, according to Prominent24.de.
According to the site, Bill has promised fans “huge show”. In addition to live music, the fans can expect lightshows and pyrotechnics. Ten trucks will be necessary to transport the show and all its fixings. German fans can only expect two concerts—one in Oberhausen and one in Hamburg. Then the band will go on to visit Scandinavia, Russia, France and Spain. The guys have said during recent interviews that they’d also like to visit the U.S. again in 2010, but no definite plans have been set yet.
Humanoid: The Same Word in German and English
The tour follows the release of the Tokio Hotel’s third album, Humanoid. Unlike other albums in which some, but not all of the songs were released in English, this album was a German/ English project from the get go, according to Billboard.com. Because the fan base was originally German, it was important to maintain the German-language aspect of it. However, because English is considered the international language of music, the band released the album in both languages.
Humanoid was released on October 6th in the U.S. Fans can find the album in a two-CD package at Best Buy, which features the German as well as the English versions of the album.
The songs are not a “one-to-one” translation, Bill said in the Billboard interview, but rather they touch on the same theme. The songs had to be viewed differently in translation.

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