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(Oct, 2010)

L'uomo Vogue, 2010

On the cover: For Tom. Tuxedo and shirt, Lanvin; jeans DSquared2; shoes Hey Day Footwear. For Bill. Suit Lanvin; bowtie Franco Jacassi; jewelry Sevan Bicakci; boots Rick Owens. Photo by Pierpaolo Ferrari. Fashion editor Robert Rabensteiner.

Tom and Bill Kaulitz on the October issue cover

One wouldn’t expect such fresh, almost adolescent curiosity on the handsome faces of Bill and Tom Kaulitz, the minds and hearts behind Tokio Hotel. They walk around the decadent rooms of Palazzo Biscuri, the splendid 18th Century palazzo in Catania, Sicily where the photo shoot took place, almost meekly, as if they don’t want to disturb the “genius loci”.

Considering their success, with a million records sold worldwide (the most recent, Humanoid, on the Universal label, having come out exactly a year ago), it would seem natural for these two young fellows – who have done so much at such a young age – to take everything for granted. And instead it’s just the opposite: they seem shocked to find themselves here. “This palace is magnificent, an artistic treasure. There aren’t places like this where we come from,” says Bill with a slightly embarrassed smile.

He’s referring to the East German village of Magdeburg, where the Tokio Hotel fairy tale began ten years ago. Already at the age of seven, the Kaulitz twins were playing guitar and experimenting with extravagant looks, which made them stand out as outsiders at school. Tom was obsessed with Aerosmith and the guitarist Joe Perry, while Bill was a huge fan of David Bowie and fascinated by the trans formative talent of the “White Duke”.

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Bill (20) and Tom Kaulitz (20) of Germany’s internationally most successful rock band Tokio Hotel leave Germany and move into the USA!

As BILD discovered, the famous twins will move in Autumn to Los Angeles. They want to write together with their manager and producer David Jost, which has already lived for one year in Beverly Hills, for the purpose of writing new songs.

David Jost confirms to BILD: “Bill and Tom will move for the time being to Los Angeles, but they will keep their home in Germany. The move to L.A. is planned for in the middle of November.”

Their band colleagues Georg (23) and Gustav (22) want to remain in Germany, because they have here firm friends. Friends of the band say that besides the planned work in the L.A. studio, also the constant pursuits by Stalkergangs and the break-in to their home in Hamburg are further reasons for the move into the USA.

However it will not be calmer for the twins in Los Angeles. The accumulation of stars is not anywhere larger than in Hollywood, Bill and Tom were so far also hunted also in L.A. by paparazzi.

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With the premiere of his new film “Groupies for breakfast” (“Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück”) Actor Kostja Ullmann plays a rock star in his new film. In the interview with the actor tells, how he came to the role of the rock star “Chriz”.

Was there a star, that inspired you for the role?

For the preparation I concerned myself much with Tokio Hotel. They have quite the same development as “Berlin Mitte” in the movie. It’s crazy, how especially Bill has changed, how he developed over the years. They became very self-confident. With watching their stage appearances I learned a lot . But I also was at concerts of “Kings of Leon”, “Mando Diao” and the “Beatsteaks” and I watched it carefully. They’re all bands who work extremely good with their audience.

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