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Garden Needs Funds

For the third time artists and musicians step forward for a good purpose. The Sophie-Scholl-Schule Wetterau is in need of a new outdoor facility for children.

The existing schoolyard of the primary school, built in 2009, is scattered by holes. There aren’t any structures available which would make orientation possible for children with handicaps which substantially limits their development.

Their only working equipment on campos,
is a large swing

The cost of the educationally important project being 231,000 euros. The project is dependent on substantial support. Reason enough for Oliver Pocher to hold a Galla in order to collect much needed donations.

With the third Charity gala to be held on Saturday, January 22 in the Dolce Hotel.

Contributed to the auction, there will be a Meet & Greet with Bill and Tom of Tokio Hotel  for Donaters to bid on.

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The charity-gala 2011 earned overall 85000€ for the outdoor facility.
The Meet & Greet with Bill and Tom Kaulitz was purchased by auction for 2000€!

Arthur und die Minimoys III


April, 2011

Nena and Bill Kaulitz are once more on board for this Big Finally. On April 15 this third part appears on DVD and Blu ray and will not be released in German cinemas.

We are the press agency that is in charge of the premiere of Arthur und die Minimoys 3. Bill Kaulitz won’t be a part of the voice cast of the final movie. Therefore he won’t be present at the premiere.



New Museum of Madame Tussaud’s will be opened in Vienna

A new museum of the wax figures of Madame Tussaud’s prepares to accept visitors. Announced year ago, a European branch of famous museum would open in Vienna, and now the building almost is completed.

Visitors can see the wax images of people such as – Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Yozef Haydn, Johann Strauss they will be nearby the singer from Tokio Hotel, and the actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger

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