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Six times Bill Kaulitz went above and beyond for Halloween

Hey ONTD, resident Tokio Hotel/BK stan here. I’ve seen ONTDers complain that a lot of celebs don’t go all out for Halloween like Heidi Klum does. Well, I would like to tell you about one of her compatriots, the effervescent, the illuminous: Bill Kaulitz.

I will be ranking his costumes from the past few years from 1-6, so join me if you dare feel like it.

#6: Xerxes

Why this costume is awesome: He’s shirtless and that’s always appreciated. He interpreted the character a bit differently than how he appears in the movie, but he still looks pretty good and the makeup isn’t too shabby.
Why this costume isn’t ranked higher: Let’s be honest here: Bill completely gave up as soon as he reached his waist. In the movie, Xerxes wears a straight-up thong and little else, which Bill conveniently seems to have left out of his version. Now, I don’t blame him for not wanting to wear a thong on Halloween! But he could have at least put on gold tights and some belts to keep up the theme. And this is probably his least scary costume, but A for effort I suppose!

#5: Eyes Wide Shut

Why this costume is awesome: Once again Bill is half naked, and the view is even nicer. Eyes Wide Shut is admittedly an interesting choice for a Halloween costume; not exactly scary, but still a bit disturbing and a visually fun costume. He pulls it off pretty well and looks good doing it.
Why this costume isn’t ranked higher: Something here is just a bit off. Maybe it’s the fake gold necklace, or the tights, or the facepaint. Is he Nicole Kidman’s character, or Tom Cruise’s (or neither)? And who has been cutting him open? Not his most cohesive of costumes.

#4: Fallen Angel

Why this costume is awesome: Thematically cohesive, great prop wings, and the commitment to wear heelless platform shoes on Halloween night. The makeup is especially beautiful, and I am never one to complain about seeing Bill in a leather cat-suit.
Why this costume isn’t ranked higher: This is where my complaints get nitpicky. While I love this costume, dressing in all black was a mistake. Bill turned more or less into a feathered black blob, and all the details of his costume got lost. And this costume is almost too pretty, not scary enough for Halloween!

#3: Clown

Why this costume is awesome: This is Bill’s costume from this year, which he admitted to having nothing ready for just a couple days before Halloween. For a last-minute costume, this is well done and deserves some praise. The hair is definitely a refreshing take on the classic clown wig and he went a different direction with his makeup as well, which paid off. He’s just damn creepy to look at.
Why this costume isn’t ranked higher: The outfit is good and suits the overall costume, but his time constraints show here. It looks like he walked into a costume shop, bought a full outfit, and went with it. He still looks amazing but the effort isn’t here as it is in his other costumes. Plus clowns are a Halloween staple–not exactly a creative choice compared to some of his other costumes.

#2: Satan

Why this costume is awesome: What’s not to like? It’s scary and well done head to foot. He even went all out with the sheep’s horns, wings, and 6″ tall demon platform shoes. If you are going to be Satan for a day (or rather, a night), this is the way to do it.
Why this costume isn’t ranked higher: One of the biggest shortcomings of this costume is simply that there aren’t any good pictures of it. It’s just too hard to tell what’s going on here. Plus, Bill doesn’t win any originality points for this one either: Satan is the Halloween go-to. He put a great spin on it for sure, but a cliché it still is.

#1: Demon

There’s a reason why this is the only costume that was professionally photographed and that is because it is the best. Do I have to explain why? This costume is a great mixture of pretty and scary. He looks like an underworld creature on his way to a dinner party. Every detail is perfect and not too much. My only, single complaint is that he could have shaved–I mean, he’s a very sophisticated demon, right?

And as a bonus:

Makeup artist Bill helps his brother with his costume. Just in case anyone was wondering if Bill really does everything himself. He might not be Heidi Klum but he gets A for effort imo!

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Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz Rocks Leather for ‘Interview Germany’

Bill Kaulitz looks rocker chic in his leather jacket and many accessories while posing on the cover of Interview Germany‘s November 2014 issue.

The 25-year-old Tokio Hotel singer is joined inside the issue’s photo spread by his twin brother and band member Tom Kaulitz.

The band’s new full-length album Kings of Suburbia is currently available internationally and will hit stores in the United States on November 11. It debuted at number one in 29 countries when it was released in Europe earlier this month so we can’t wait to see how it does elsewhere!

Make sure to watch the band’s music video for their single “Love Who Loves You Back” if you haven’t seen it yet.

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Sneak Preview of The November Issue of
out Wednesday!

Sneak Preview:
the big Tokio Hotel INTERVIEW and editorial by Brad Elterman

Our new booklet – on the cover include Tokio Hotel appears on Wednesday.

Here’s an exclusive advance of a few photos from the 14 editorial, who was shot by celebrity photographer Brad Elterman for us in Los Angeles. Our author Harald Peters met the band after an extensive A-Z interview in Hamburg about hair, Los Angeles, and wild parties.

The new issue of INTERVIEW will appear on Wednesday, 22-10,
HERE  you can already pre-order the book.



Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz Goes Shirtless Sexy
In New Exclusive Behind the Scenes Pics For
‘Love Who Loves You Back’ Music Video

Check out Bill Kaulitz going shirtless in a behind the scenes pic from his band Tokio Hotel‘s latest video “Love Who Loves You Back,” exclusively given to!

The 25-year-old frontman is joined in the video by band members Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing, and Gustav Schäfer. The single is featured on Tokio Hotel‘s new album Kings Of Suburbia, which dropped today (October 6) in the U.S. Buy your copy on iTunes now! In case you didn’t know, Kings Of Suburbia was released this past weekend in other countries and debuted at #1 in 29 Countries and Top 5 in 15 others!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of  Tokio Hotel’s “Love Who Loves You Back”?

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