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Bill Kaulitz’ strange solo comeback as Billy

Bill Kaulitz is now called Billy. He has his hair dyed blonde, facial piercings, wearing black pants with red sneakers. Compared to before, he looks normal. But he gives interviews.

He came from Los Angeles to Berlin to present his new solo project, the mini-album “I’m not okay” with five songs, a photo album and a short film. The first single “Love, do not break me” has been published, an electro-ballad, the accompanying video sits Bill Kaulitz scantily dressed next to a woman in bed.

In the Seven Star Gallery the plaster peeling off the walls on purpose, in the two small rooms and around the DJ booth in the basement 200 guests pushing. Everywhere are beautiful people and drink gin and tonic, which is available now. Lena Meyer-Landrut, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, the rapper McFitti.

On the walls hang portraits of Billy, he poses in black and white, bare-chested and his mouth slightly open.


Billy Exhibit
Seven Star Gallery – Berlin

“in #Berlin #Interview with Bill Kaulitz, more Soon” ~ KALTBLUT Magazine

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Bill Kaulitz and his solo project BILLY

While perceived 50 fans pressed their noses flat against the window, I was crowded with photographers and pressmen in a small room, waiting as Billy positioned himself for a few photographs. Everyone wanted to have a picture with him. With who? Of course, with Bill Kaulitz, who now calls himself “BILLY“.
To kick off as a solo artist, he has acquired a new image and a new name. Tokio Hotel‘s frontman, but he wants more: to reach a whole new audience. He did not want a conventional release for his first solo project – he staged a “multi-media hybrid” Art project which he called after his first song “Love Do not Break Me”. This art project includes not only the music, black and white short films, a 128-page photo book and large format framed prints, which were presented last night to invited guests and press people in the Berlin SevenStarGallery.


Video Premiere of “Love Do not Break Me”!
This is BILLY!

Bill Kaulitz is now BILLY! His new single “Love Do not Break Me” has been available since April 29 commercially.

Bill Kaulitz is back with his solo project under the stage name BILLY. As singer of the band Tokio Hotel, the international superstars have sold over 7 million discs worldwide, played for 500,000 people in Paris at the Eiffel Tower, won hundreds of awards and went platinum in 68 countries.

Amidst this unique success story he is now published for the first time alone on April 29, and leaves us with his 5-song EP “I’m Not Ok”, his life story and his painful search for love, an almost frightening personally participate.

Worldwide on all digital platforms, as well as streaming services available, the product is also a physical configuration in selected markets on the label De-Code LTD from Los Angeles, as well as distribution partners Chapter ONE of Germany, Caroline for the United States and Kontor New Media in other sales territories, be available.

“Love Don’t Break Me” will be released as the first song of the EP on April 29 and reflects a minimalist scale “electric ballad” the new sound of BILLY music, which is part of his intense musical development.

The song is just one part of the “multi-media hybrid” art project, which also have impressive black and white short film by Shiro Gutzie and Davis Factor and a fine-art photo book with selected images from the film and other original photos of the directors.

A series of large format art prints completed the versatile art project. “I did not want a conventional release for my first solo project,” said Billy, “I needed the freedom to live out all facets of my life as a passion for art and fashion and to combine. A pure music release would be my vision does not do justice as a solo artist.”

The songs for the project, he wrote, in close cooperation with the producers Pionear, Shiro Gutzie and Tom Kaulitz. “I just wanted to go into the studio and make new sounds, without limiting myself creatively”.

BILLY also says: “I have created a completely new environment for me where I feel no pressure and I can just try it, without thinking of sales, promotion or marketing plans. The focus was on to create something, to create something, which I think is cool. ”

In future, more artistic initiatives and activities take from the fashion industry, the project – BILLY knows through cover shoots for numerous lifestyle magazines such as “Interview” magazine, L’Uomo Vogue and L’Official Hommes.

Fashion is like an extension of my music and I can not wait to immerse themselves fully in this world. I believe that music and fashion go hand in hand. This vision I want to bring to life.” Says BILLY.

The limited fine-art photo book containing a white 7″ “vinyl single” Love Do not Break Me “. The first 300 editions have even been signed by BILLY. The 50 dollar expensive book is available exclusively on the website of BILLY Official and sold over 1,000 in the first few hours times!

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