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Gianluca Fellini has photographed for international editorials and campaigns like V Man and YSL. His pursuit for meaningful visuals led him to video work: from short films to music videos to fashion clips.

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Tokio Hotel: Bill Kaulitz Reveals New Tattoo

The guys from Tokio Hotel  are great tattoo enthusiasts particularly Bill Kaulitz  who has many body ornaments. Now, he has a new tattoo and proudly showed it on Instagram.

But the motive is puzzle: it is a Boxer. It is not elaborately engraved, but consists only of black lines. Such “simple tattoos” are currently in fashion. Bill Kaulitz  has also taken the trend.  It now adorns the forearm of the Tokio Hotel  singer.  The Boxer has a striped pair of trousers, receding hairline, a moustache and some hair on the chest.

The fans are surprised by the choice: “WTF” and “OMG” are the most frequent comments to the image that has the Hashtags “simplicity” and “lines”.

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Tokio Hotel: Bill Kaulitz is half-naked and tattooed

At this sight the “Tokio Hotel”  need to  fans to look twice.
Bill Kaulitz  shows half-naked and presents his tattooed body!

The “Tokio Hotel”  star has rarely permitted so much shown. In his Instagram profile, was posted a top PIC of the 24-year-old that presented his body to the public. So the photo,  not unnoticed of course, sent the fans immediately into raptures at this sight. Comments such as “love it, so cute, very sexy, Bill” are just a few of many determined rejoices about Bill Kaulitz.

Bill Kaulitz after showering

Under his hot snapshot the singer  wrote “After Shower Selfie“.  For the first time, the fans see his coveted body, because it is a rarity of the “Tokio Hotel” singer to be so permissive. At first glance, you can see a lot of tattoos that cover some parts of his body and even his pierced nipple should never be overlooked. Such images would likely be often wanted the fans of Bill Kaulitz.

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Tokio Hotel Rented Out an Amusement Park!

How cool is this — the guys from Tokio Hotel rented out an entire amusement park for Bill and Tom‘s birthdays. So jealous! Doesn’t it make you want to be in an awesome band?

The guys rented out the Heide Park Soltau in Germany to have a big birthday bash with 20 of their closest friends and relatives.

Says Tom, “We didn’t miss a single ride: rollercoaster, wild water rides and anything that was spinning.”

This has always been one of our childhood dreams, to have an amusement park just for ourselves,” said Bill. “No long lines, no waiting and we can get on the rollercoasters as often as we want. That’s what we’ve been dreaming about since we were young. It was so freakin’ amazing.”

We bet! It sure looks like fun! Can we get invited next time?

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Bill Kaulitz: Newly in love! Who has captured his heart
He has finally found someone new to snuggle up.
However Bill Kaulitz has no girlfriend…

Bill Kaulitz has no great luck. For years, the Tokio Hotel frontman is now single. But he has not to forgo the cuddling. The 24-year-old has now a new fluffy friend who immediately found his heart: Doggie Pumba.

The English Bulldog is brand new in the Kaulitz family. Bill  and his twin brother Tom have also ‘Tom’s boy’ and ‘little girl’ again three four-legged friends.

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