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Tokio Hotel: Dream Machine

Everything starts with a thought and suddenly you are dancing through your own wonderland full of fruits and sweets! Friendship, respect, an almost unshakable self-awareness in one’s self, the vision of being, the curiosity of life, an insatiable thirst for development, to create something together, to achieve and to experience …

If you look at Tokio Hotel, it is all these qualities that form the basis and the impetus of an incomparable career. The career of a German band, which simply does not fit into any drawer. And so also the one or the other tried hard, Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer always remained the architects of their world. After more than a decade in the international music business, 70 platinum, 160 gold awards, more than 110 international and national prizes, and over 7 million sold phonograms, Tokio Hotel will release their new art project and fifth studio album “Dream Machine” on March 3, The proof that they are always able to reinvent themselves.

“Dream Machine” opens the door to the new sound world of Tokio Hotel. A world with high mountains, deep valleys, wild rivers, dense forests and endless expanses. A world that pulsates, glows in neon colors and club lights – light, playful, spherical and enthralling. Built on a sound foundation, a symbiosis of alternative indie pop, analogous Retro-synths, modern beats and strong Baselines, without rules. “This is the album that we always wanted to make – just us four, without anyone chatting us. We started with the last record. Since we have tried and fueled self-consciousness. At “Dream Machine” we knew right from the beginning that we were doing it alone. We did not need any producer in between or any songwriters. We did not feel like we needed this back-up. We felt able to have full control, creativity, the songs and what we wanted to make and say – in sound, in production, and also with our lyrics. That is why it is not only our dream album, because no one is talking to us anymore, but also because, as a band, we were finally able to realize ourselves honestly musically, “explains Bill.

When Bill and Tom Kaulitz were often self-sufficient, especially in the creative process, the entire band went to the Red Bull Studios in Berlin in January 2016 to lay the foundation for “Dream Machine”. Bill: “That was our time. We locked ourselves in the studio, made music, written, chattered and were just together. And that was all of a sudden, quite early in the Pro space – with 13. That ran so well, five songs from the album came out, and that showed us that our intuition and basic feeling is correct. ”

A total of ten songs are collected on “Dream Machine”. Tokio Hotel did not want album fillers, no compromises, but only the strongest tracks. This is how they create their own reality, in which they only make music what they really want. Bill: “We make it a non-stop party, a big colorful club in wonderland, filled with everything you need – studio, live shows, touring. We dive into our own world, like a bubble. And there is something for everyone, everyone picking their favorite fruits and sweets. We will not do anything else. ”

Musically, producer, songwriter and guitarist Tom Kaulitz draws this world through wide soundscapes, sub-bass shaped, free from typical song structures, without losing the live character. Tom: “Of course we have a lot of programming, but the record and the songs are very much like the fact that we mix the programmed sounds not only with real analog synths, but with real instruments. There is no song on the album where we have not recorded live instruments, such as guitar, drums, a played live bass, piano, saxophone. And, of course, vocals and choirs. We have worked very much with harmonies, experimented with vocal chops and we are not at all finely tuned. The album sounds extremely free. ”

In terms of content, it is a nostalgia for the journey into the heart of the band.
So “Something New” opens with the fear of living life backwards, having achieved and experienced everything, to repeat itself. But also the will to create something new, to experience something new, together, which then connects again – when one changes the perspective. If you change the perspective one may learn that there is more out there than we see
– as “Boy Do not Cry” describes. And if it is only a voice, a thought that guide us.
“Easy” brings back the lightness of childhood while
“As Young As We Are” shows the tear between young and feeling terribly old.
“What If” is devoted to missed opportunities.
“Elysa” comes heavier, almost gloomy, full of repentance to have revealed to someone.
“Better” describes the moment when you realize that you are better off staying alone instead of living with the wrong person.
“Stop, Babe” shows the flip side, if you are not yet ready and you are in danger of hurting others.
“Cotton Candy Sky” invites you to the “sweet spot” after a successful partying – when you are watching the sunrise and is completely satisfied with itself and its world.
And “Dream Machine” sketched the very own Tokio hotel world, into which the guys are now fully immersed. Musically, it is the song that blends most of the stylistics and instruments that completely outline the album’s sound world. A sound world of freedom, desires, wills, adventures and opportunities in which one can completely lose oneself, from which one does not want to reappear, because suddenly everything is possible.

Die Dream Machine World Tour 2017 startet am 12. März in London.

12.03.2017 London, UK
13.03.2017 Brussels, Belgium
15.03.2017 Hamburg, Germany
16.03.2017 Frankfurt, Germany
18.03.2017 Nijmegen, Netherlands
19.03.2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands
21.03.2017 Paris, France
22.03.2017 Lyon, France
24.03.2017 Cologne, Germany
25.03.2017 Stuttgart, Germany
27.03.2017 Zurich, Switzerland
28.03.2017 Milan, Italy
29.03.2017 Rome, Italy
31.03.2017 Munich, Germany
01.04.2017 Leipzig, Germany
03.04.2017 Prague, Czech Republic
04.04.2017 Berlin, Germany
06.04.2017 Stockholm, Sweden
07.04.2017 Oslo, Norway
09.04.2017 Helsinki, Finland
10.04.2017 Riga, Latvia
12.04.2017 Warsaw, Poland
19.04.2017 Novosibirsk, Russia
21.04.2017 Ekaterinburg, Russia
22.04.2017 Ufa, Russia
23.04.2017 Kazan, Russia
25.04.2017 St. Petersburg, Russia
26.04.2017 Moscow, Russia
28.04.2017 Voronezh, Russia
29.04.2017 Krasnodar, Russia

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