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Interview with Kiera Smith, model and actress,
who worked with Tokio Hotel in the Love Who Loves You Back video.

Hello Kiera! where are you from?
Kiera: I grew up in Alaska, but have lived all around the world at times. Miami, New York, Milan-Italy, Paris, London, and now I am based in Los Angeles

How old are you?
Kiera: Getting close to 30 ahhhh haha

Tokio Hotel have won a thousand fans around the world, so how was working with them?
Kiera: They were totally awesome – Super fun, and extremely nice. I had a great experience with them! I can see why they have so many fans!!!

Interview with Shannon Williams,
who also worked with Tokio Hotel in the Love Who Loves You Back video.

so, how was the backstage?
Shannon: Backstage was fun, I am not going to lie, it was pretty steamy. Watching them film some scenes, while everyone was making out non stop…they did a great job casting- everyone on the job was fun and nice

do you know their songs?
Shannon: I know there songs now, from their last album!

do you had the chance to hear Kings of suburbia? what do you think of this album?

Shannon: Loved it

how was the mood at backstage? how was the contact with the band?
Shannon: The mood was fun, wild – the band was totally fun to work with. All really nice guys.

did you expect that LWLYB video would be so successful?
Shannon: Yes haha while we were filming it – and the way bill explained it to me, i knew it was going to be a hit! I mean a song about love plus Tokio Hotel filmed getting wild, def a hit. I had no clue about the reaction of the fans! We were not supposed to talk about the video or take any pictures on set, and I am such a rule follower I didn’t, but somehow the fans started finding out I was the one in the video and I got messages and tweets non stop! Mostly people pissed at me for kissing their bill, but than it turned into love. I have met a lot of TH fans, and you guys all rock. I have lots of love for the ones i have gotten to know

were you nervous during the shoot? if so, how did you calm yourself?
Shannon: I was nervous because it wasn’t until that morning I was told what my role was, and I didn’t know what to expect having to kiss the lead singer through out the entire video, of a band I just heard of the first time. But luckily Bill was so easy to work with, i think he was more nervous than me. And as an actress, its easy to get into character. Its fun to act. Bills demeanor totally helped me stay calm.

did you talk with the guys? how was the conversation?
Shannon: Yes I did, and as I have said they were super cool

how was your first impression of the band?
Shannon: My first impression of them was I loved bills style, when i was getting my hair and makeup done, he was picking his looks out, and i Just thought he had the best style, and the guys were super nice and chill. And my first interaction was literally walking up to Bill on camera and kissing him, haha so that was interesting, but like i said he made me feel comfortable so did the director and the entire environment. Some of the talent had to make out with multiple people whom they just met, I guess I was lucky to just work with Bill

Love who loves you back is an amazing song, it says that we should love someone back. did you identify with this song? what’s your favorite part ?
Shannon: Totally, I actually fell in love with the lyrics after filming with them all day…my favorite part is the beginning

if you had the chance to do it again, would you change anything?
Shannon: Not at all – I had a great experience, got to work with amazing talent, and made some friends. The video was awesome! and I had a blast shooting it.

how did your parents and friends react watching the video? did they support you?
Shannon: Yes, they know me as a model and an actress, and loved the video, and some of my friends who are TH fans were super stoked! My agent is actually a huge fan of the band, so she asked me so many details

did you buy the Kings of suburbia album? what’s your favorite song?
Shannon: I did, and I have to say LWLYB is, that will always be special to me

did you know any song of Tokio Hotel before working with them?
Shannon: Unfortunately no, but now they have a new fan

have you ever been to their show?
Shannon: No I was in Europe their last show in LA- I need to go to one!

do you kissed Bill on this video, right? Was Bill nervous during the shoot?
Shannon: Yes he was- he was so sweet about it and it helped me not be as nervous!

tell us the best quality of the band. what do you most love them?
Shannon: Their kindness, and their style and how great they all get along

were they nervous during the video? who was more relaxed?
Shannon: I think everyone was relaxed once we got going, but bill must have been the most nervous in the band since he was the one having to make out with everyone haha. He did amazing, it was so fun

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