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TH for Japan

Donate along with Tokio Hotel to the victims of the natural disaster in Japan.

TH for Japan

3 Button Set – TH for Japan

Tokio Hotel For Japan

The world is still in shock about the terrible disaster in Japan. After the devastating earthquake and the subsequent Tsunami, hundred of thousands of people in that region depend on outside support and everyone can help! For this reason, Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg started a fundraiser for the Japanese Red Cross. The Japan button set – designed for this particular purpose – is now available for $10, $15, $20, $25 or $35. You have the choice of how much support you’d like to send over to the Japanese. All profits will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross and over 90 emergency teams will be supported with the funds being raised. Every Dollar counts.

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European Store

U.S. Store

A HUGE “Thank You” to everyone supporting this campaign!

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