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Tokio Hotel: First visit in Tokyo

For the first time on 15 December Tokio Hotel will visit the Japanese capital city Tokyo – whose name they gave themselves six years ago

For six years already Tokio Hotel have been under this name, but Bill Kaulitz & CO have never been in Tokyo.

Now the four from Magdeburger want to eliminate small fault in their band’s history. On 15 December they visit the capital of Japan, appearing there before the most important Japanese journalists.
Germany’s internationally most successful rock band have also conquered many countries of Southeast Asia already with Nr.1 hits, now it is Japan’s turn. Already the Japanese music magazines are full from reports of Tokio Hotel – and that, even though the band has never been there so far.

Bill and Tom will begin the flight to Tokio directly from their new dwelling in Los Angeles, where they work with their producer David Jost on new songs. George and Gustav will make their from journeys from Germany.

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