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Bill Kaulitz – Singer, Tom Kaulitz – guitar, Georg Listing – bass, Gustav Schäfer – drums. Origen: Magdeburg, Germany
Formed in: 2001
Genera: MGP rock, Emo, Teen MGP, Glam rock

It is a German group formed by the vocalista Bill Kaulitz, the guitarist Tom Kaulitz, the bassist Georg Listing and the drummer Gustav Schäfer. The group was founded on 2001 under the name of Devilish, although they changed to Tokio Hotel after signing on with Sony, then off in again in 2003. The first album was published finally in 2005, after signing with record label Universal. This disc reached sales of several million discs, only in Germany and the success extended soon to Eastern Austria, Switzerland, and other European countries. With 9 discs gone platinum and four of gold in Germany, they are the most successful national band. In addition, they count on four additional golden records by the sales in Austria and Switzerland.

This first album, ‘Schrei’, and the second, ‘Zimmer 483’ (‘ Room 483’), published in 2007 have been recasted in a single album, ‘Scream’, with songs in English especially designed for the Anglo-Saxon public. In 2007 the group sold around a million an average of albums. And they undertook a promotional tour that would include the harvesting of awards in diverse musik guilds (including MTV). By this time, the Kaulitz brothers and company, are in the promotional tour of Humanoid, new disc of Tokio Hotel that was programmed to leave on sale by the first days of October. Automatic, is the first cut of Humanoid, whose video already shows around the Planet.

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