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Twin Move to LA, 2010

Pictures of Bill, Tom & CO.
Hamburg airport, Tom (left) and Bill Kaulitz mount a private-jet at night to fly to Los Angeles
The city is to be
(temporarily) their new home!

In the protection of the night Bill (21) and Tom Kaulitz (21) of Tokio Hotel, internationally most successful rock band to rise out of Germany at Hamburg airport load a private-jet.

They have their four dogs, and their numerous suit-cases are shipped into the jet. A goal of the twins: Its new homeland Los Angeles in the USA.

They’ll be parting for very long time. With their producer and manager David Jost, which has lived already for over one year in Beverly Hills, they want to work over these next months on new song.

Now the European fans hope that the band still comes nevertheless on November 7th, to Madrid, where Tokio Hotel as well as Green Day, Gorillaz and Katy Perry are nominated for the European MTV Award (EMA).

Tokio Hotel – in the private-jet with four dogs to Los Angeles

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3 Responses to “Twins, Four Dogs, Private Jet ~> Los Angeles”

  1. MandiluvsTom says:

    Awww so cute. Germany ist going to miss them, but I am so glad
    THey are close to me now 😀 now if only THey would preform really close to Vermont I’ll be even happier! hehe. I hope THey like it here though, und das people leave THem alone.

  2. Ash says:

    Yay! So happy they are in the USA, but I’m really sad that I haven’t heard any news about them in months…

  3. BTGG says:

    ja, moved to work on new Musik,
    und to get a breaTHer after dass invasion of THeir home.
    THey did go Home (Germany) fur THe Holidays.
    But as you know, we get a little dry spell while THey are working on new THings.

    We kann wait,
    TH are MORE THEN worTH it! 😀

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