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Wolfgang Joop’s Paris Tour with Bill Kaulitz

Sparks flying between Pop-Icon Bill Kaulitz (21) and Fashion-Designer Wolfgang Joop (65). In the city of love. For a TV-Documentation they made a tour together through the nightly Paris.

Dinner with the German ambassador Reinhard Schäfer (60), “One for the road” in the “Café de Flore” and on the Eiffel-Tower. Joop: “I am blown away by this boy.”

The day after the huge “Wunderkind”-Fashion Show. Actually Kaulitz should also walk on the catwalk as a “Wunderkind”-model.

Joop: “If, I would have sent him on the catwalk with women’s clothes. He’d be the most beautiful girl of the whole Fashion Week.”

Even without Bill, the presentation of the new “Wunderkind”-Collection was a huge success. Critics celebrate Joop. He: “I came on duty with a message of joy. Even in a year, where I have to accept so many losses.”

In May, he lost his mother, Charlotte († 95). With his daughter Jette (42), he has broken up because of a dispute over inheritance. Joop: “From now on, my sorrow is forgotten.”

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