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Audrina ~ September 1st, 1992 to Jan 14th, 2010

I’m Audrina’s little sister. October. I’m posting the letters as they were in her notebook.

February 1st.

Hey, everyone.
So… I… uh … I thought I should probably post these now, since I’m finally done… God. Time passes so fast.
So a couple of days ago I went through the site as I was bored, and I saw that on a couple of names, there was a R.I.P. Feria. I checked it out and… I read so many things about her and she seemed like an amazing person, she never deserved to die…
So, well… uh. Now I feel like I might be copying her? But I do feel the need, to say what I have to say right now. It’s not or never- literally.
Well, first of all I wanna indicate, and like Feria said, that I’m not afraid of dying. At all. But I’m not happy about it.
I feel like I’m abandoning everyone I just met and got really attached to… I… I’m bawling my eyes out right now. Not being afraid and not wanting to is not the same thing… Which is well confusing for me.

Things happen for a reason in life and… I think what happened to me, well, it’s for… I still don’t have a clue.
But… Uh… Second of all, I’m going to miss everyone, so dearly and I hope I will be missed to. I don’t know why.

I…I… I actually don’t want anyone to cry.
But… I can’t stop you. I wish for, at my funeral, they could play Phantomrider, because, like Bill said, “Like I Phantomrider, always die on their own” Altho, I was not all on my own.

You guys on, well you guys game me reason to live, and well that’s something I didn’t have before I met you guys, unless my little sister. Well, now I regret, not having the chemo when I still could have… Oh swell…
like someone told me, the bright side if i’ll meet Micheal Jackson and Elvis Presley …

I’m going to stop this letter, and … well… get to writing the others.
Let’s get this rolling shall we?!

Lil’ sis. I don’t want it to get you down. I’ll always be here with you, all the time. I know supporting Mum is gonna be hard I mean… she can be unbearable at times but please, take care of her, and yourself too. You were such a big royal pain in my backyard, but I’ll miss you and I just want to tell you I’m sorry, for all the times I was a b*tch to you… I love you so much lil’ sis. So so much and, please don’t you ever forget that… I give you my room and I want you to keep all those notebooks, please. And like I said, I want you guys to play the song Phantomrider, at my funeral. But, one condition, my CDs, they do not go to trash! There’s no way you throw them like seriously. And my collection of concert tickets either. My clothes, well you can have them. I can’t believe it. I’m gonna come and hug you as soon as this is posted. I love you so much lil’ sis. So so so so so so much!!

Ashley (Averiie)
I spoke to you as one of the first people. You are just an amazing person and I’ll miss you frankly. i will. :\
I really wish we could have spoken more and all … I love you man. So much

You are, one of the wisest people I have EVER met. In my whole life. You helped me when I was down and made me feel better, all the time. I… Well… There’s so much I want to say but I keep chocking on my words. I wonder why… I love you, that’s for sure. And no matter what know that I was proud to be your good daughter * smiles *
I know it’s kinda short… But… I mean… Oh god. I can’t even speak… :S

You were such a nice person and all the time I so enjoyed talking to you! From our role plays to our little heart to heart conversations. Damn . I admit. I’m gonna miss you, so so much. I’ll never forget you, not even when I’m up there * points at sky*

You were there and you helped me so much at the beginning. I thank you for everything, especially being my friend. I love you so so much and please don’t ever forget that… You just, got me through the rough times. I’ll miss you loads…

I know we’ve only met a bit ago but, I’ll miss you too! And, I hope you get the animals you want hun 😉
Get that lip piercing, don’t be afraid of whether it’ll hurt or not, in the end it pays off…

Yeah, I’m writing you a letter. I’m just gonna tell you I’ll miss you so much. I really liked talking to you and you’re such a nice person. I love you!

Please don’t go skateboarding with a broken leg again, would ya? I’ll miss you too hun. And I really liked talking to you. I guess I’ll miss that too. And be careful? Whenever you want to skate- AT ALL!! 🙂

You’re like my little BRB friend 🙂 I love you, a lot. And you were one of the first people I met here and well… I’ll miss you so much. Don’t ever let anyone, anyone bring you down. Ever. And keep your promise, doesn’t mean that when I’m gone that I want you to cut again…

Altho we only spoke through comments I well got attached to you. I’ll miss you 🙂 And I’ll miss you loads too 🙂 I hope, that you’ll never forget me?

We’ll always be Romeo Haters 🙂 I’ll miss you even tho I met you… recently. 🙂 Well I can say I really enjoy talking to you about how much Romeo sucks. And… Oh sweel

I’ve spoken to you a few times but, well I always loved it. You’re an amazing friend and an even more amazing person (I think that’s how you say it, anyway…) I wubbs you sooo soo much 🙂

Heyy! Oh well yup it’s true I’m gonna miss you my cowardly-ex-emo. You were so so so funny and I need to thank you every time you started blabbing about everything and nothing… And kept my mind off things. I love you dude! 🙂

Oh well 🙂 * GLOMP* HALLO 🙂 You are and were and always will be the craziest/randomest/ most insane person i’ve ever met!! (in the best way there is) I’ll miss you so so so so so so so so so so so so muchies. I love you even more more more than i’ll miss you. I hope you’ll never forget me. Because i’ll never forget you

We only spoke by comments but idc. Wwe’ve spoken what, once? I love you dude 🙂 I’ll miss you loads and i hope i just hope you’ll never forget me.

I love you so much Konsty. You’re one of the best people I’ve met on this site and probably one of the only ones that are gonna be so hard to forget. I love love love our role play and, I think it’s gonna be so hard not to be able to finish it. I am so going to miss you, so so so f*cking much Konsty. You have to promise me, you will never, ever, ever let anyone, a guy or anything else, get you down to the point where you’re about to commit suicide. Please, just don’t because life is worth living, all those people who love you and care, they’re worth living for… I love you Konsty. So so much. I’ll never forget you.

My little sister… I… First of all, thank you, thank you for everything. You were there to support me and… well it’s the best thing that could have happened. I don’t want you to let anything bring you down, ever… You’re an amazing 13 year old girl and frankly, you’re something for a 13 year old. You’re, well … I don’t know what to tell you because I know it won’t be enough… The role plays we had are amazing and, well the times we had were amazing and I wish, I just wish there could be more time… But there isn’t. Damn this… I love you so much, so much more than you know and so much more than I can say. And I’m upset, leaving you because well I feel like I’m abandoning you. You’re the best… I can say that and well don’t let anything change that… I’ll miss you so much… and remember, no body is worth your tears…

You’re an amazing person and you’re going thorugh a lot. I enjoyed talking to you so f*cking much and up there’s i’m praying for you mum i swear. I’ll trey my best to make her fine. I hate you’re going through all that and right now i wish i could hold you in my arms. i love you so much and i’ll never forget you. Stay strong for me, Mayss… etc…

Alright. We’ve never spoken. But your fanfics are awesome. I’m pretty sad about not finishing. :/ I’ll miss you too tho 🙂

You’re… Wow. I can’t even say. I love you so fucking mroe than u ever known. You made me smile on my worst days and i don’t know if i can repay you. I love you. I’ll miss you and all i had to say well you know…

In all your shadows i could shine. All of them and well without you i’m just an extinct star.”

THank you all who read this, Audrina would grately appreciate it. If You wish to leave a message or memory of Audrina click here  to veiw her profile. Condolences can also be left here in THis posts comments. I’ll be sure THey are passed on to her sister.

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