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(Oct, 2010)

L'uomo Vogue, Oct 2010 

Unique Twins ~ TOKIO HOTEL

“Humanoid” comes close to 400.000 copies sold.

Their rock tale began in 2001 in Magdeburg. Nearly ten years later, the band founded by the Kaulitz twins registers sold out gigs in venues all over the world.

Still freshly youthful faces, shy manners, polite: Bill and Tom are the heart and brains of the hottest German band in the last few years.

L'uomo Vogue, Oct 2010 L'uomo Vogue, Oct 2010 L'uomo Vogue, Oct 2010 L'uomo Vogue, Oct 2010

Heartened by an unique pop-rock sound, they climbed the international charts, creating a true myth.
Beside their passion for MUSIC, the two brothers have much more in common: ideas, friends, dreams. “But we also happen to argue, and heavily“, they claim. “We’ve got very different personalities. We are the two sides of the SAME strong COIN“.

Accustomed as they are, since the age of 15 – that is, not much more than kids, to the most glamorous places in the world – to the capitals of Europe and Asia, to sold out arenas, the glare of the footlights, five-star hotels, limited edition limos that not even the Gallagher brothers could afford, VIP treatment that every aspiring rock star worth his salt only dreams of, the fashion runways (like the show they did for Dsquared in January at Moda Uomo on Milan), One wouldn’t expect such fresh, almost adolescent curiosity illuminating the handsome faces of Bill and Tom Kaulitz, the minds and hearts behind Tokio Hotel. They walk around the decadent rooms of Palazzo Biscuri, the splendid 18th Century palazzo in Catania, Sicily where the photo shoot took place, with respect, almost meekly, as if they don’t want to disturb the “genius loci”.

Considering their success, with a million records sold worldwide (the most recent, Humanoid, on the Universal label, having come out exactly a year ago), it would seem natural for these two young fellows – who have done so much at such a young age – to take everything for granted. And instead it’s just the opposite: they seem shocked to find themselves here. They go from room to room as if incredulous at their luck to be here today. “This palace is magnificent, an artistic treasure. There aren’t places like this where we come from,” says Bill with a slightly embarrassed smile, referring to his hometown Magdeburg. But it’s right there, in that village know for its salt mines, once part of East Germany, where ten years ago the Tokio Hotel rock tale began. Barely 7, the Kaulitz brothers were already busy with guitars and extravagant looks, which attracted the school mates’ disconcert, by whom the two identical twins were already seen as out-and-out aliens. No wonder back then Tom was already hooked on Aerosmith and guitarist Joe Perry, whereas Bill was a big fan of David Bowie and the White Duke’s art of quick-change. “He’s absolutely one of my favourite artists: so far I’ll have watched “Labyrinth” hundreds of times“, Bill admits. Paradoxically, especially in the numbness of the provincial life, being yourself and wishing to express yourself without prejudices is seen as a meaningless act most of the time. “At school problems were endless. My classmates didn’t accept me, especially for the way I dressed. At that time I still couldn’t afford expensive clothes, so I made them myself, cutting and sewing together different items of clothing, maybe some t-shirts I had bought for few pennies. The result was often original, I liked it, I put lots of passion in it. However, this didn’t certainly keep me and my brother Tom away from fights with some schoolmates. Our dearest dream was to make music and feel free to express ourselves“, Bill remembers. A dream that for the Kaulitz brothers starts to become true when they meet Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer, who later became Tokio Hotel bassist and drummer respectively. “Finding someone that, at our age, wanted to join us in playing in a band or shared our own dreams and wishes was pretty hard. That’s why, at the beginning, it was just me and Bill: we made everything by ourselves, we played every instrument and then we started making some minor concerts in our hometown. At one of our shows, in the audience there were Gustav and Georg as well; at the end of our performance, they came greeting us and they asked us to join the group“, remembers Tom, while he shakes his head and the long cornrows that fall over his shoulders. They’re perfect for his hip-hopper look. It’s with this line-up that Devilish were born in 2001 – three years later, the name changes into Tokio Hotel – and with it their first album, “Schrei”, which contained “Durch den Monsun”, shortly after translated into the famous hit “Monsoon” when the record was released again in its English version, “Scream”.

In 2005 they embarked on what would become the most successful debut tour ever by a new German artist, and Tokio Hotel quickly became the most important rock band to come out of Germany since the days of Rammstein. Striking while the iron was hot, in 2007 they released a second album in German, Zimmer 483, parts of which were incorporated into the English-language Scream album, published that same year. Documenting the Tokio Hotel-mania that is still sweeping the world, particularly during the quartet’s rollicking live shows, is the recently released DVD Humanoid City Live, a recording of a concert held in Milan last April 12th. “That was a magical night, everything went just right. We have incredible fans in Italy, among the best of all”, says Tom. Bill adds, “We did so many shows, it’s hard to choose the audience that impressed us the most. Italy is one of the places where we get the biggest welcome, and we love to play here. But there’s a show I’ll never forget, the one we did in Paris in 2007 under the Eiffel Tower in front of 500 thousand fans. I couldn’t see where the crowd ended”.

Did they ever think this would happen? “If someone told us ten years ago that one day we’d be so famous, we never would have believed it”, says Tom. “The first year was really hectic – our schedule was full of promotional gigs, shows, constantly moving from one city or country to another. Everyone wanted to meet us. It was a lot of fun, but it almost prevented us from realizing that our lives had changed. When we could no longer leave the house without being recognized and stopped by fans, at that point we understood”, says Bill, who agrees with Tom that they have no regrets about having had to renounce the normal life of other kids their age. “You have to make choices in life. For us, we had to decide between a normal life or pursuing our dream of making music. We grew up fast. As 12 or 13 we’d already done stuff that one normally does at 20. Perhaps the only thing we miss is being able to go out to the supermarket or to get an ice cream without a security team”, Bill admits.

I’d like to live in Los Angeles, where celebrities can do as they please without being assaulted by fans and paparazzi”, says Bill (perhaps a bit naively), who recently had a new tattoo done, down his side. “It’s a German expression that goes something like this: ‘I’ll never stop screaming, let’s go back to our roots’. I put it there to remind me of the importance of the freedom to express myself unconditionally, without prejudice”, a sentiment that Tom shares. The brothers in fact share pretty much everything: ideas, home, friends. “We’re never apart. The only time was at school, when a teacher assigned us to two different classes. It was the worst experience of my life. There’s a really strong bond between us. But that doesn’t mean we don’t argue, sometimes brutally”, Bill reveals. “No, we’re not like the Gallagher brothers, we would never go to that level. After a couple of hours we forget about it and everything’s fine. Our personalities are very different and distinct, even in terms of image. But together we form a single, very strong person. We’re like two sides of the same coin”, explains Tom.

We don’t have any regrets. We fulfilled our dream. Perhaps we only need the freedom to go out for an ice-cream without security“.

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