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by:Misty Buckley, 2010

Tokio Hotel released the “Humanoid City Live” DVD/CD

After several virtual show cases given in October 2009, Tokio Hotel was visiting France in April 2010 as part of their “Humanoid City Tour. It is in this futuristic and urban universe that the group played their biggest hits live. The sets were created by Misty Buckley and his team, some of them had already collaborated on the decoration of the film by Luc Besson The Fifth Element. Bill Kaulitz appeared on stage as if it came from another universe with a futuristic look and in a setting with metal bridges, fireballs, lighting characteristic at the era of an apocalypse.

The show was filmed by Jim Gable (who has worked on concerts of AC / DC, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, etc..). With 15 cameras, they made the show look an incredibly innovating aspect HD. The concert was recorded at Milan with an audience overheated and conquered the first second in the beginning of the concert. This CD / DVD titled Live Humanoid City has many bonus features: an EPK, a photo gallery, pictures of the group rehearsing the concert in London … The excerpt will be the single is ‘Darkside Of The Sun.’ Release: July 12, 2010.
Indeed, after Automatisch and World Behind My Wall is Darkside Of The Sun (Sonnensystems in its German version) was chosen as the third single from the lastest album of Tokio Hotel, Humanoid. 
1. Noise
2. Connect Human to Human
3. Breakaway
4. Pain of Love
5. World Behind My Wall
6. Hey You
7. Alien (English Version)
8. Ready Set Go
9. Humanoid (German Version)
10. Phantomrider
11. Unleashed Dogs
12. Love & Death
13. In Your Shadow I Can Shine
14. Automatic
15. Screamin
16. Darkside of the Sun
17. Zoom Into Me
18. Monsoon
19. Forever Now

by:Misty Buckley, 2010 by:Misty Buckley, 2010 by:Misty Buckley, 2010

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