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The first of a Western band – Tokio Hotel visits to Taiwan for promotions soon this year.

Once, in a Taiwan media telephone interview Tokio Hotel expressed that they were hoping to meet with their Taiwan fans, finally they keep their promise. After Europe Tour, they visit Taiwan 4 days from May 2nd to carry on promotion for their special edition HUMANOID. TH visits Taiwan for the first time for a press conference, the media interviews, and can also make a short contact with the fans.
First time visiting Asia, TH feels excited and anxious. But they do not understand Asia’s culture, also specially confessed that the Record company lists some “Do’s & Don’ts, in order to avoid offending the taboo.

The schedule is planning in detail. Ask everybody to pay attention promptly.

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2 Responses to “Tokio Hotel in Taiwan”

  1. E.M.O says:

    Well,i’m absolutely ecstatic!for the ppl in asia!THEY R GONNA BE BLON AWAY BY TOKIO HOTEL!=)

  2. BTGG says:

    Totally Agree!
    es ist gonna be HUMANOID HYSTERIA all over!

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