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Alice in Wonderland

Tokio Hotel is the only band, from the German-speaking countries, on the “Almos Alice” album, which realised at the same time as the new movie hit “Alice in Wonderland” from the master director, Tim Burton. In addition to the song “Strange”, which Tokio Hotel recorded with Kerli, “Almost Alice” contains 15 other songs inspired by Lewis Caroll.

We made had interview with the guys.
Trailer How did you get the idea to work on “Strange” with Kerli and how was to contribute with a song for a film like “Alice in Wonderland” is to ever come to pass?
BILL: The song’s name is “Strange” and the main line is “Strange, in your perfect world”. This is fits very well to the whole film and it was actually relatively quickly clear that we wanted to do it. Then everything worked perfectly. Above all we needed a female voice. For us, it was not important that however if she was/is successful. We wanted just a special voice. This was the very first time when we let someone else to sing with us. This worked reasonably well and in the studio everything went relatively quickly.
Trailer How did you get inspired you to your song?
BILL: Above all it is about our lives a bit. Of course, our life is very “Strange”. In so far, you’ve simply never been properly related, and somehow you feels a little bit different. It would be similar, if a girl would let close to me, she would feel herself exactly “Strange”, like me. That’s to say, if you step into through the door, and walk into this Tokio Hotel, in principle, you can’t get out quickly. That was a bit the idea behind it, and that fits in that case perfectly to the Wonderland.
Trailer Did you read the book, “Alice in Wonderland”? If yes, when was it?
BILL: We, Tom and me, saw the film!
TOM: Yes, exactly! We saw the cartoon earlier. And I think we also had the books, too. I have to say, somehow I found this really scary. I think that it remained in this film. You can find some characters total sweet – and then there are some others that are really creepy.
Trailer What did you like the most in the film? Which is your favourite character?
TOM: My favourite characters are the Bloodhound and the March Hare – the one with the floppy ears. I liked them!
BILL: Yes, I have to agree with Tom. And of course I think the Red Queen is really great. She is super obsessed. This is a really great actress. Nobody can play it better. This is truly incredible. I had fun when we saw them. And Johnny Depp of course great, too. So The Hatter is a total super role.
TOM: How did you find the Red Queen?
GEORG: I think the Dog was the sweetest.
TOM: Me, too. And you?
GUSTAV: The Rabbit.
Trailer Was it worth it for you to see the film?
BILL: It is worth to see, because great actresses and actors made it. It is filmed in a very great way. I think it is the mixture of the fantasy world and the reality. This is a film that anyone can find good. Then you can sit inside in any case, since it is well maintained properly and that’s a cute story anyway, everyone have known it yet. Tim Burton is an absolute dream. I think it is a great movie and the soundtrack is also very good. You must have the soundtrack in any case.
TOM: In 3D, of course it is an experience.
Trailer Are you fans of Tim Burton?
BILL: He is definitely a really great person. All of his films have a total definite spirit. And of course Johnny Depp, who has played in thousands films, is there. Yes, I think you can notice right away, that it is a Tim Burton film.
Trailer Johnny Depp belongs to Tim Burton’s regular cast, but how do you like him as the Mad Hatter’s role?
BILL: Well, I think, this is the best role. He is a kind of psychopath, whom is really fond of by the other indeed, and also you take to love in the course of the film. In any case, a lovable psychopath. This is a kind of role, that I would have gladly accepted.

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