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(March, 2010)


Bill Kaulitz: We became older, but not more adult!
The Band Tokio hotel will perform in Moscow on March 10 with a new concert program HUMANOID. The disputes about what kind of music is playing “Toki” – emo or common pop – finished long time ago. Nowadays nobody wonders why the leader of the band Bill Kaulitz looks like make-upped cyborg. Tokio hotel proved their star status as celebrities, who are allowed to do everything. Or not everything? That’s what we try to find out in the talk with Bill Kaulitz.
Elle girl: On your album HUMANOID you sound very adult like 30 year old rockers.
Bill: To be honest, this album turned out differently that we planned it to be from the beginning. We decided to watch, what would happen if each of band members played the way he wanted. We wanted to experiment with the instruments. As a result we got a new sound. It happened accidentally.
Elle girl: There’s a synthesizer in many of your new songs. Were you inspired by the music of the 80’s?
Bill: Actually we all listen to different music. But when we were sitting in the studio, in principle we didn’t listen anything besides our working records. We also concentrated on ourselves and what we wanted to achieve, that’s why we had no influences on our album. We tried to find out how to make our band’s sound more intensive, we experimented a lot in the studio, and all this came from within.
Elle girl: This is your second English album.
Bill: Yes, but there’s one distinction. We released Humanoid in two versions: English and German. And from this moment all our next albums will be released in this format.
Elle girl: Do you personally prefer to sing in English or in German?
Bill: English and German are both essential parts of our life. I can not separate out one of them as main. When we were on tour in the USA we sang most of our songs in English, but our fans wanted to listen how we sing in German. We sang and they even sang with us, can you imagine that?!
Elle girl: Once Scorpions were also popular in America…
Bill: (laughs) The Scorpions is the living legend. And we are in different weight categories.
Elle girl: What’s your attitude to Rammstein?
Bill: I can say the same about them too. They are making incredible shows. But they have different music.
Elle girl: What do you think about when you listen to your early songs?
Bill: I think that my voice has changed. It became deeper. Be became older, but that doesn’t mean that we became more adult!
Elle girl: Do you consider yourself and your band-members hardcore rockers?
Bill: I don’t understand what you mean (laughs). When we are on tour, we don’t drink alcohol. Besides, to have a good sleep is very important for us. But when we organize a party, then it is really hardcore and we enjoy everything that rock-n-roll can give us!
Elle girl: There are some words in the song World Behind My Wall: “One day I will be ready to go, see the world behind my wall”. Sounds intrigue…
Bill: This song is very private. It’s not about that I feel like in jail, but about the walls that are around us all the time. That is what’s happening with us for about last 5 years.
Elle girl: Is it one of the minuses of real fame? If you make one step outside, you are immediately surrounded with a crowd, aren’t you?
Bill: Yeah, absolutely right. We want so much to have a chance to go outside just to walk on the streets, to see the world around. Earlier when we were on tour in other countries, we could allow ourselves to walk without bodyguards. Now this is impossible. But we like when people listen to our music. Fame for us is a real drug.
Elle girl: What would you do if you didn’t become musicians?
Bill: We would be unemployed musicians (laughs). We would perform in different nightclubs for 25 cents. And of course, we would also shoot a couple of porno-films to earn money!
Elle girl: Why exactly porno-films? Have you already got an offer to perform in something like that?
Bill: Nope. It’s a joke. No one and never would offer me a role in porno-film, because my participation in it is impossible.
Elle girl: by the way, about films. I heard that some was going to shoot a feature film about Tokio hotel. Is it true?
Bill: We were offered a couple of times to shoot a film about band’s life. I respect the actors, but every one should do his own business. Musicians shouldn’t become actors and vice-versa. People shouldn’t mix these two professions. But on the other side: never say “never”. So, if one day I would be offered a good role, who knows…
Elle girl: What is the attitude of your band members to the fact that all attention of the public and media is concentrated on you?
Bill: It has never been the reason for the conflicts. Even now when the attention to my personality is constantly growing. And that is also because that only I am represented on the cover of our new album. Probably, someone can be confused. But this can not confuse us, musicians. Every band has its own front man. And it happened that way, that Tokio hotel’s front men is me!
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