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“Tokio Hotel”, who will come to the ice palace (Saint Petersburg) on March 8 – 10 in SK “Olympic” (Moscow) Has made it known that the warm-up band for the “Welcome To HUMANOID City tour” will be ‘Pro100Maria’  
They thought originally to manage with one group for all cities, but then they favored to support local young talents.
In each country the representatives of “Tokio Hotel” selected the most worthy. In Russia this is to be “Pro100Mariya”.
“We will try to astonish all – and spectators, and ”Tokio Hotel“, having become a part of this immense show”, Maria shares with enthusiasm. 

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We’re happy to announce that it will be PALE OBSESSION to open the show for TOKIO HOTEL on next Monday. So be prepared for some beautiful, catchy rock music from Luxembourg influenced by HIM, Paradise Lost, The Cure and many many more!

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