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Optimus Secret Show

Tokio Hotel performs to an intimate audiance of only a few hundred at a secret location.
Koncert to be held on February 20th, at a not yet disclosed venue in Portugal
Anyone World wide can enter.

Here is how to enter:
Show us that we are the biggest fan of Tokio Hotel and guarantee your place. Make a video, a music interpretation, show us your collection of the band’s products, that is, be creative and show us that it’s YOU that deserve a place in our plane. Your participation should be send to until Tuesday, February 16, 2010, at 11:59PM. The concert will be February 20th in a secret location that you will be flown to… imagine, a plane filled with other fans!

1. Participate in “The biggest Tokio Hotel fan!” contest sending to a image/video/mp3/text in which you prove you are the biggest fan of Tokio Hotel! Be original and guarantee your ticket. For your participation to be valid, you have to send the declaration granting image rights, available in

2. Show up on the 17th in Expo Optimus Building, in Lisboa midday. The first 30 to get there have ticket guaranteed. The others will have to be creative. It has to be you to be in the Optimus Building, no one can replace you.
Attention; you have to be friends of the following profiles on myspace: &!

3. Suggest the Optimus facebook page to your friends. The number of friends closest to the winning number (that number is hidden on Optimus site) is the winner. For your participation to be valid, you have to send the number of friends you invited to

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