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Tokio Hotel announces winners of their global fundraiser for DAA!
Author: Diane Dalhuisen
And the winners of our Tokio Hotel Fundraiser are…
Sara Leira from Norway wins the 2 concert tickets and the Meet and Greet with the band.
10 fans each get a handsigned T-shirt:
(‘handsigned’?…. as apposed to foot signed?) LOL
 Mandy de Ruiter from Holland,
 Beatrice Trinci from Italy,
 Stella Heise from Germany,
 Laura Braga from Italy,
 Laura Kaminski from the US,
 Agata Kerlee from the US,
 Anna Petrou from the UK,
 lice Baumann from France,
 Erica Lundberg from Sweden,
 Ludovica Francesca Simone from Italy.
Congratulations to all of the winners and a big thank you to all the fans for their support!
The band Tokio Hotel originates in Magdenburg, Germany and has been known since their hit single ‘Monsoon’ – they are famous worldwide now and their fanbase has grown steadily ever since, reaching over 1 million, with no end in sight

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