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Super Pop #829 Super Pop #829

Their CD, song by song
Their new album is explosive, very different from the others!
Make noise, a lot of noise! This is what TH screams at the beginning of the album with this great song. Imagine how cool is listening to it! “Because we’re free, we want a happy ending… you have to make noise!” – Tom told us a few days ago. This is his kind of tune!
The line: “Silence can destroy, get up and raise your voice – make some noise!”
Darkside Of The Sun
An instant upper! This song is not usual Tokio style, because it’s melodic but pop at the same time – it really gets to you. It’s really cool and totally blows your mind. Let yourself go with the flow…
The line: “The end is near, we’re still standing here!”
The best one in the album! It’s the first single of the new CD – a really powerful song. It’s about how you can still be in love with someone even after you left them, a nasty break up..
The line: “It’s automatic, systematic, so dramatic – you’re automatic”
World Behind My Wall
What a love ballad! It blew our minds when we heard it… Bill and the rest tell us that behind the wall that you create against love, exists real love and destroying the wall is worth it to feel that amazing sensation… Would this be an autobiographic song for someone in the band?
The line: “I wanna wake up in a dream – they’re telling me it’s beautiful…”
This song is like a roller coaster with all the changes it has! It gets you up of the couch in no time. This is the song that gives the title to the album.
The line: “Oh no, I’m humanoid – gimme life, gimme air”
Forever Now
Bill and Tom give it all in this song, since it’s a call of attention to the whole world – so we realize how valuable it is. Let the planet listen! That’s what they say… And they also say that they’re willing to help anyone for the sake of the world! They’re the best…
The line: “I’ll never let you down, join me forever now”
Pain Of Love
We love it! This song is also different from the usual Tokio music, and that’s why we get so addicted to it… Bill says how hard it’s the pain of love, a brake up, a bad relationship… And he tells us through his voice! Incredible.
The line: “I’m fighting in the battle of love”
Dogs Unleashed
Really fun! TH told us that they dance and sing this song all the time. Picture them getting in trouble in all the hotels – they confessed to us! These party boys are a danger…
The line: “We are dogs unleashed, you and I – Out of control, full of dreams”
Human Connect To Human
Great sound! In the beginning they seem bad boys, but they you realize they’re talking about hooking up and flirting. That’s cool, it’s one of our favourites.
The line: “Human connect to human, boy meets girl – know what to do”
Short song that draws you in. It’s about being desperate for love. They need someone to bring them back to life!
The line: “There’s an alien in me – Who are you? Who am I?”
Another ballad that’ll make you emotional. Bill says to his girl how much he loves her. Don’t miss it!
The line: “Kiss me goodbye, into the light – like a phantomrider”
Zoom Into Me
This song is for everyone that is suffering right now! They tell us that when you are on the couch watching TV, someone, somewhere may be having a rough time.
The line: “Is anybody out there, walking alone? – Out in the cold?” 

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