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Good, better, best!
No we did not become better friends.
You love them or you hate them. So one is happy that it is Tokio Hotel month at TMF. The other can’t wait till their concert on February 23 is over. What do the boys think about it themselves?
We have understood that you are not completely ready for the tour, should we start worrying?
Bill: No way! We are spending so much time in the studio right now to practice and to prepare everything. Actually we are doing all that just so we can put on an most awesome as possible show. We do not want to just put on a new show, but we want to go all out (can’t think of the right word) and surprise.
Tom: We often get the question why it is taking so long before Tokio Hotel perfoms live again. Of course that is a compliment but preparing a show takes a lot of time and energy.
Bill: We have been to London for it a lot. There is a lot of movement in the show and especially the stage is going to be awesome.
Okay, that is enough promotion, guys! Have you become a better band in the last few years?
Gustav: Absolutely, I think we all have started playing better because we performed live a lot and the tours we have done. We have learned a lot from it.
Georg: And that while we never take music lessons. But see for yourself, listen to our first album and the last one, which one is better soundwise?
Bill: Okay, we get a lot of criticism. That we can’t speak English, that our level sucks. We don’t mind. We are not musicians or composers. We are 4 normal boys who love making music. That is what we have reached throughout the years with few music lessons. We have taught ourselves everything.
Did you become better friends as well?
Bill: No we have always been good friends. That has not gotten better or worse, it is just a fact!
Tom: You have to be when you are in a band. We spend so much time with each other, you can’t be any other way. In our case that is really the way it is. We have known each other since we started as a school band and have been through everything together. From the first hit to all the big concerts we have played.
You have also been to the USA. We are not losing Tokio Hotel, are we?
Bill: That tour was great, but traveling through Europe gives us more of a home feeling. Don’t misunderstand me: all 4 of us are happy when we jump on a plane to the states. But when we get to go home, that is a really good feeling as well.
You have been though a lot as a band, do you get nervous at all anymore?
Georg: Yes, every time we get critical questions asked by Hitkrant, we never get used to that.
Bill: Not really, The press is always really nice to us. But we do get nervous for a lot of things. Like, for instance, this tour, we do not know what to expect. And if everyone still likes us. You can compare it to the feeling of going back to school after summer vacation.
Will 2010 be the year of Tokio Hotel?
Gustav: If it is up to us Yes!
Tom: We are giving up our entire year to make it a success.
Bill: It is not a question of up or down (do or die), because we plan to go on with Tokio Hotel for a long time. But it will be an important year. We are looking at it as a live year. We will be performing a lot in Europe, after that we will go to South America. We will be back in the summer for festivals and in the meantime we will write songs for a new album. Vacation? What is that again?? No, that won’t happen in 2010. Maybe at christmas time.
Tickets to their concert: As a real fan you of course already know, but Tokio Hotel is having a concert in Ahoy in Rotterdam on February 23. And of course we have scored some tickets for it. If you want to win 2, enter the contest on
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