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Choose your 5 Bands that you want to see perform there!

Rock In Rio asks which 5 Bands should perform at the Event in 2010
You can vote for 5 Bands in your comment
It of course goes wiTHout saying that you top pick
will be TOKIO HOTEL!
; )

Bring our boys back to Rock in Rio in 2010!

Place TOKIO HOTEL top of your list HERE



Without a doubt that the band more asked for to be present in the Rock in River 2010 has been the Tokio Hotel, already in blog we had said on the strong possibility of the Tokio Hotel here to be in the next edition to the Rock in River Lisbon (Tokio Hotel in the Rock in River 2010 Lisbon).

After to place the challenge to the visitors of blog of the Rock in River 2010 to choose 5 desires of 2010, that is, 5 bands who would like to see in the Rock in River Lisbon 2010, this possibility clearly it was confirmed, it is desire of many fans of the biggest event of music and entertainment of the World to see to actuar the Tokio Hotel and the organization of the Rock in River 2010 with certainty promises to try to fulfill these expectations.

It is not nothing confirmed but River 2010 exists sufficient possibilities to see the Tokio Hotel in the Rock in.


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