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NRJ Interview

pt 1 pt 2

pt 3 pt 4

Translations in Video wiTH images of THe boys visit to NRJ
pt 1
pt 2

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2 Responses to “MIKL LIVE! on Web Cam”

  1. KielierTwins says:

    Aw, they got offended when they thought it was pop music :P.

  2. BTGG says:

    ‘Pop’ as a Musik genera started in reference to ‘Popular’ songs, what ppl were listening to most.
    But over THe years its meaning has changed.
    Now ppl see ‘Pop’ Musik as fluffy, popcorn tunes THat are jus a flash in THe pan.

    Musik of THe moment. Songs wiTH a catchy beat/lyric but no substance.

    THis is why true Artists will take offence to THeir Musik being referred to as ‘Pop’.

    TH Love what THey do, it means someTHing.
    Not jus a paycheque, it’s what THey were born to do.
    THey are Artists creating Musik to last.

    Und it does.
    What oTHer Artist (oTHer THen Michael Jackson) 😉 could milk THe songs of each of THeir Albums for 2yrs at a time!
    Seriously…. THink about it 😀

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