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Feria – November 11, 1991 to June 21, 2009

Feria (17),  One of the biggest Tokio Hotel/Metallica fans around, a writer, und dear freind of many fell into a coma after a serious car crash. Saddly she passed away last sunday on June 21st 2009.


Message from her sister;
Well everyone, she’s gone. I wish, hoped and prayed that she would make it through this… but she didn’t. I believe that she is home now, smiling down at all of us… and possibly laughing at me as I attempt to figure out what to say.

Now that she’s passed, I will keep my promise to her. I will continue her stories, for her.

A couple days before she went into a coma, she was told that there was a high possibility that she would go into one and not live throught it. So one day when I was there with her, she gave me the notebooks. She told me exactly how her characters, Kim and Jen (A.k.a Jinx), acted and what they were like. Feria told me ‘Now this is the outline, not much detail. Add more as you type it, thats what I do.’

After she said that, she looked down at her lap. I saw a tear fall from her face. I told her that it’ll be fine, that death is nothing to be afraid of. She smiled, saying ‘I’m not afraid to die… I don’t want to leave everyone. Everyone on that site has helped me, even if they don’t know it. Now I’ll be leaving them… and I don’t want to.’

She never wanted to leave anyone here, she thought it was a cruel thing to do. So she told me to continue on here. I swore to her that I would, and that is what I’m going to do. She told me I’ll meet some of the greatest people on here, she told me about some of them and how amazing they were.

Feria’s funeral is in a couple of days and, just as my family promised, we will play the song she wanted and have a quote from that song on her stone. She told me she used the quote in a story on here… said she had ‘Jen and Gustav quote it to their mother’. That song is ‘To Live is To Die’ by Metallica (I’m sure all of you that knew her know how big of a fan she was.)

This is the quote.
“Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation Take Me Home”

Now before I type something that she asked me to, I will say that I am keeping her profile like it is. I’ll add a small paragraph about me, and then it will never be changed. I will always have her name in the username and I will always give her credit for the stories.

Now, a letter from Feria. She, just to be on the save side, made a will before she went into a coma. She gave the laywer a letter, at the time I had no idea what it was. Now I know that it was a letter from her that addresses her family, her friends and the family here on Ning.

Well, I’m writting this just in case. After all, you can never be too careful. I would like to say first and foremost that I am not afraid to die. I am not scared, quite happy actually. I know, only weird people are happy about dying… well, I am weird. But lets just get this rolling, shall we?
To my family, I want to all to smile when I leave. You all know that I am going (Well, not that you are reading this, gone) to a better place. I have come to terms with that, you all should too. Even through we have have a rough time together, I still love you always and forever. Never stop and think ‘I wish she was here’, I don’t want you all to do that. I want you to think, ‘Well, she had a good life’.

To my friends, you all have been there for me… even if I was being stupid or selfish. All of you have to move on without me. When you all get sad, just remember all the insane things we did and all our inside jokes. I’m sure those will cheer you all up. Remember, this Daddy loves his family ( ^_^ See, theres an inside joke now!)

To my friends and family at THOfficial, You all are the most amazing people I’ve ever met on the internet. The only think I’m sad about is leaving you all… and never finishing all the great fanfics. Speaking of which, I’ll never get to know if things work out for Skylar and Bill in Jumbie’s FF! I’ll never know what happens with Ramiel and Bill in Nicole’s FF! Damn… that hella sucks. Hopefully you both have fans that’ll read ’em for me ^^! Speaking of Jumbie, of all the people I’ve met on here, I’ll miss you the most. I loved talking to you via comments and messages. Alot of the time, they were funny as hell! I hope that you’ll be ok with my passing away and I hope that you’ll stay strong… after all you are my sister from another mister ^^

Lastly, I am just going to sit here and ramble a bit… I mean come on, this is me were talking about! I HAVE to ramble! There are something I never got to do before I died that I wish I had. Go to both a Metallica and TH concert, visit another country besides Canada, get fat from drinking so much pepsi, finish a couple of book series (like I want to know what happens with Eragon! What happens between Artemis Fowl and Holly Short now after the Time Paradox?!) *Le sigh* Guess I’ll never know now… But thats ok. I’ll never see the last Harry Potter movies… f___! I loved those books and movies.

And now, I bit you all farewell… after I say this. While writing this, the song ‘It’s the End of the Worlds As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’ kept playing in my head. Because it’s the end of my world as I know it, and I’m ok with that. Since I feel ok about it, you all should as well.

Love you all with every millimeter of my cold, metal, heart

P.S. Mom, just because I gave you all my Metallica things does not give you the right to open the ‘Tallica Action Figures… those are never to be opened… even if the world is ending and aliens tell you to save the world you have to open them.’

THank you all who read this, Feria would grately appreciate it. If You wish to leave a message or memory of Feria click here to veiw her profile. Condolences can also be left here in THis posts comments. I’ll be sure THey are passed on to her sister.



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